Tech Out Your Children's Church For The Holidays

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Children’s church technology? Audio, lights, special effects, projection? Really? Yes, really! The industry is starting to see a turn towards “teching out” their tots and toddlers spaces in houses of worship.

What better time of year to begin the technological transition than the holidays? With snow machines, specialty lighting, holographic presentations, and more, it’s easy to see that the holidays can open the door of opportunity to start your upgrades.

Snow machines: we have probably all heard of them by now. So what’s the big deal, you may ask? Kids love it – no matter how many times they see it! If you live in a region where you never see actual snow outside, try placing snow machines above the outside entrances to your children’s church.
For those of you living in snow filled regions, it makes for a great indoor snow effect that’s warm, easy to clean, and you don’t have to shovel it away!

How about creating some wintertime beauty during your children’s church holiday production? Situate snow machines off stage and watch eyes light up as your little ones begin to sing Silent Night in the soft falling snow.

Creating an awesome black light production can be very effective for children. Dressing the performers in brilliant fluorescent colors against a solid black backdrop is an eye catcher by itself, but when illuminated under black light, fluorescent costumes create excellent visuals. Add some black light snow fluid to the mix, and you’ve got a production that is enjoyable for all ages to gaze upon.

Looking to re-carpet the children’s area before the holiday hustle bustle traffic begins? Staying with black light, why not consider black light carpet. It serves as both festive for the holiday season, and creates a fun atmosphere for regulars and visitors all year long.

Specialty lighting is another economical enhancement to your children’s church area. Seek out some smaller disc jockey style lights which operate to the beat of the music – hands free! While you’re busy directing the kids, the lights will “bounce” themselves on and off to the beat of the music, giving your programs and scenes movement on the stage.

Specialty lighting comes in all fashions. From spinning to rotating, from up & down movements to random patterns, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and not break the bank.

Looking for something completely out of the ordinary? For some fun, how about trying on some holographic glasses? Not 3D – holographic. By looking thru specially designed glasses, participants will see your presentation in a brand new light? …especially when it comes to viewing miniature holiday style lights. The glasses create an image like a snowflake or an angel around every individual light bulb on a strand of mini lights.

How much fun will your kids have when it comes time to sing a round of “Let It Snow”? Hand out the glasses and sing the song, and on the first line of the chorus, turn on the mini light strands. Snowflakes will appear out of nowhere!

Not up for holographic? Then go 3D. Did you know that PowerPoint slide presentations can be viewed in 3D? It’s done with color and special viewing 3D glasses.

Don’t forget about the audio. Kids these days have a much better perception of quality audio than most of us techie veterans! If the audio in your children’s church does not match that of your renovated or newly built sanctuary, get ready to make a change. Upgrading your children’s current church’s “hand-me-down” audio system before the holidays could prove to be a wise project.

We all know that the holidays bring in above average attendance. A large majority of your visitors could be looking for a new church home. What would the result be if they came to check out your children’s church only to find their kids loved visiting your church because there, they could hear and understand what was going on? The answer should be pretty obvious.

The days are coming to an end where second hand audio systems are acceptable in children’s church settings. Perhaps this is because we are witnessing churches making rapid changes to their facilities as their children’s church areas are overflowing with 250-300 kids easy.

Try renting before you buy. This will give you an idea of how members and visitors will respond.

The holidays are coming. It’s a great time to introduce those children’s church upgrades you have been wanting. Take a moment and think about what you can do to enhance the little one’s venue. You just might be surprised how well your imagination is working!

In case you’re out of creativity at the moment, we’ve provided a quick idea for your children’s church Christmas program.

This is Janet & Don signing off; wishing you the best in holiday season productions.