Tech, No Babel: Using communications systems (coms) in live video production

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I’ve tried all sorts of ways to communicate with a live video production team. I tried hand signals, text messages, two-way radios, a circuit I built based on cordless telephones, and other ideas. Sometimes, the professional way to do something is so superior that the other ways just pale in comparison.

If you’re not using a professional communications system (aka coms) from companies like Telex or Clear-Com (which is what I show you), you’re missing out. Unlike many of the systems churches try and get away with, they provide clear full-duplex communication.

In today’s show, I give you a tour of my church’s communication system and tell you about a lot of the features. Like a lot of the past few shows, this one is pretty heavy on the visuals, so you’ll probably want to watch the video.

BTW, most people imagine headsets as being big things, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I show you two styles in this video, but for a review of the one I use when I’m on cam (or running the computer), click here: Review of the Point source Audio Lightweight Headset

Watch the video above for more about coms and how to use them.


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