Straight Talk with Tim Adams

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Live Streaming – Equipment

by Tim Adams

Straight Talk is an ongoing series of short videos talking about everything church tech. Honest advice, real-world experiences are shared by a system integrator with honest self-critique and never-before-seen access to what happens during an AV upgrade and equipment install. All the ups, downs, highs, lows, and everything in between.

Part 3

Live Streaming: Copyright
Think you're exempt from copyright law because you're a church? Think again! I go over the major issues, and solutions, associated with navigating the confusing world of copyright law!


Tim Adams has spent over 20 years volunteering in church technical ministry and has a proven track record of helping small churches experience high-quality audio/visual that can transform their programs. He teaches technical excellence through education, training, mindset and behavior change, sharing best practices and casting God-sized vision.