Starling Tab-Tension 2 Now Carries CineGrey 5D Ambient Light Rejecting Material

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CINEGREY-5D-DROPDOWN-PROJECTEDElite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in quality projection screens, today announced the launch of its Starling Tab-Tension 2 electric motorized projection screen with CineGrey 5D ambient light rejecting (ALR) material.

“Getting an ambient light rejecting material to roll up and down repeatedly during the course of a long operational lifespan without losing its reflective integrity is a real challenge” Said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager of Elite Screens. “We have accomplished production of a durable tensioned material that presents a flat projection surface capable of providing superior picture brightness.”

The Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series takes the stylish look of our earlier Starling series to the next level. The product looks better and has more features.It has an enhanced aluminum casing with floating installation brackets for added versatility in an installation. Its stylish arcuate profile readily enhances the flow of interior décor.

The CineGrey 5D ambient light rejecting material counters the washout effects of environmental lighting. It also has tension-tab reinforcements that enhance uniform flatness by equalizing horizontal with vertical tension.
The CineGrey 5D material has a 1.5 gain reflectivity which compresses reflected light to enhance picture brightness. The material’s angular reflective properties, allow unwanted light to bounce off away from the viewers line of sight leaving a bright colorful image without compromising picture quality. Regarding performance, the CineGrey 5D has a neutral color temperature for reference quality presentations and superior contrast with the lights on or off.
The CineGrey 5Dmaterial is black matted on all sides to enhance perceived visual contrast while presenting a professionally formatted picture. It also has an extended top border for high-ceiling installations that can be adjusted for proper height requirements.

The Starling electric projection screen ships fully assembled withcomplete Infrared/Radio Frequency, 5-12 volt trigger and RS232 control package.Additional features such as an extended IR “eye”sensor and integrated up/down controls on the box itself for making minor adjustments. The material is raised and lowered using a quiet and powerful 110v 130 watt tubular motor that turns at 20 rpm with overheat protection.

Pricing, Availability, Warranty
Elite Screens’ Starling Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D is available now and has a starting MSRP at $1499 (USD) and will now be available in 92”, 106’, 120”, and 135” size in a 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio through the retail sales channel. It comes with Elite’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 3-year ENR-G warranty for Educational, Non-Profit, Religious and Government/Military organizations.

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