Stagetracker II arrives at Pro Light + Sound with new software and connectivity options

In Product Newsby Darryl Kirkland

The world’s most accurate RF-based localisation system, Stagetracker II by TTA, is set to arrive at Frankfurt Pro Light + Sound 2018 with an entirely redesigned web-based user interface offering new connectivity options across audio, lighting and video. In tandem with the current boom in immersive technologies, Stagetracker II proves again to be on the leading edge with enhanced opportunities for the creation of unparalleled immersive experiences.
Following its highly successful preview at last year’s Pro Light + Sound exhibition, Stagetracker II by TTA will this year make its official entry into the market, appearing on a number of partner booths including d&b audiotechnik and Astro Spatial Audio – also the location for regular demonstrations on booth A33/39.
Among the highlights will be a new front-end user interface designed to facilitate third-party integration via innovative plug-in software extensions. In addition, the incredible accuracy of the system will be shown in live demonstrations on every booth. The result represents a new standard in ultra-fast vector-based RF tracking with previously unseen degrees of real-time precision in all three dimensions.
Developed by the same R&D team that revolutionised the world of performer localisation in theatre more than a decade ago, Norway’s TTA, Stagetracker II brings the possibilities of precise, multi-dimensional positioning to an extremely broad range of applications.
The system comprises three ground-breaking elements: redesigned, extremely discreet miniature RF tags that can be easily concealed within a performer’s outfit for a near invisible result; IP67-rated RadioEye RF receivers, each containing 60 antennas; and the 19-inch, rack mountable Stagetracker II engine, with a single 2.8-inch touchscreen for fast front panel operation and a comprehensive, redesigned web-based user interface for full control. Up to 100 tagged performers can be tracked, and each individual tag can transmit up to 100 positions per second. The 3D positioning data that results can be shared over IP via a number of protocols including ArtNet, Open Sound Control (OSC) and DMX, making it suitable for use with a huge variety of media technology.
Indeed, a central feature of Stagetracker II is its ability to work hand-in-hand with third party platforms. As new immersive technologies capture the imaginations of audiences worldwide, Stagetracker II expedites the seamless creation of extraordinarily precise, real-time immersive environments. The system’s web-based core software can be augmented with plug-ins that introduce the functionality and features of each partner technology, creating a single operating environment in which the engineer is freed to concentrate on the show.
Engineers also benefit from the speed and simplicity of using Stagetracker II – an entire show can be set-up with extraordinary speed, using a single duo cable for power and control.
“After a long period of development and beta-testing in the field, we are very proud to bring the completed Stagetracker II to Pro Light + Sound,” commented TTA CEO John Skjelstad. “Together with our valued partners, we believe that we have created something very special – a system that takes the original idea behind stage tracking, and raises it to an incredible new level. Last year we arrived in Frankfurt with a system that already had the potential to impress. This year, we will introduce the true future of three dimensional, cross-platform performer localisation.”