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Saddleback_Church_4Wall_LAAs one of the ten largest churches in America, Saddleback Church produces six services every weekend in a Worship Center seating over 3,000. In addition, the megachurch broadcasts live all of their services online around the globe, fulfilling the motto ‘one family, many locations’.

With this large of an audience seeing their message every week, the production team at Saddleback, including Lighting & Scenic Designer Alex Fuller, take great care in ensuring the lighting is perfect for every service. They recently began purchasing a variety of gear from to upgrade the lighting inside the facility.

“We had been renting a lot of different types of lights to see what worked best in the worship center,” said Fuller. “Once we narrowed it down to the lights we wanted, we started looking for the best price to purchase them.”

Fuller and his team faced a few challenges from a production standpoint inside their facility, not the least of which were 30 ft. tall, 70 ft. wide windows that span across both sides of Saddleback’s worship center. Needing fixtures that could compete with the bright Southern California sunlight, the team purchased used Martin MAC Vipers and MAC Auras, as well as Chroma-Q Color Force 48 and Color Force 12 LED battens.

“The twenty-one MAC Auras are our workhorses. They are bright, fast, and work all day,” said Fuller.

Fuller also cited the ability of the Color Force battens to be bright- even in a sunlit room- as a huge benefit.

“I love that they are RGBA, the colors are so rich,” he said.

Fuller found to be the perfect place to purchase the items he needed.

“I would tell anyone that is looking at purchasing lighting gear they should get a quote to buy it new, and then go get a quote from You will be amazed with how much you will save.”

With the correct equipment now in place, the Saddleback team can focus on the things that are truly important to them. “I’m a lighting guy first and a scenic designer second. Now that we have all these new lighting tools on stage we are able to design and build better sets, and use them to help get our message of Jesus Christ across.”

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