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RUSHWORKS, provider of cool technology for production, playback and streaming since 2001, today announced the release of the RESIDENTIAL PROMPTER KIT, a small desktop teleprompting kit that uses your webcam to capture home-based presentations. It’s an inexpensive complement for the company’s RUSHPROMPTER software for Windows applications that’s available for download, trial and purchase from the RUSHWORKS website for $99. Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS founder and president, provided details about the kit from company headquarters in Flower Mound, Texas.

“The recent health crisis has compelled us to embrace technologies that enable many of us to work effectively from our homes. And it’s likely that our ‘new normal’ will see this trend expanding,” says Beesley.

“Whether you’re giving a prepared presentation through remote video collaboration with company employees – or conducting an on-camera demo – using a teleprompter to keep your presentation on-point is often helpful, and enhances the impact of your message with eye-to-eye screen contact..”

Beesley emphasizes that with RUSHPROMPTER and the RESIDENTIAL PROMPTER KIT there is no need for a studio or elaborate tech setup to stream an effective, prompted presentation. The KIT includes a round base, 18” flexible arm, a spring clamp with reflective mirror and a light blocking hood.

To make the most of presentations as well as Zoom-style remote meetings, Beesley has authored and made a document available that defines four simple ways to improve how you look and sound for teleprompter sessions. Click here to download on the RUSHWORKS Home Page.

“Good communication is essential – at any age. And nothing boosts confidence more than having a script you can rely on when delivering your message to others. That’s what teleprompters are all about,” Beesley said.