Portable Staging 101

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Many churches are looking to find a portable stage that is affordable and easy to set up. Portable stage decks can be used for preaching platforms, alters, runways, performance stages, choral or seating risers and can be set up in minutes. Not only are they safe, they look professional and can add substance to any church setting.

Usually someone who has never had the experience of purchasing a stage is doing the research, therefore they may have no knowledge of what they need or what will work in their facility. The following is a guideline of questions that is meant to help determine exactly what the staging needs are for your own church.

Proposed Usage: What is the application?
Stage Length & Width: What will fit into the space you have available?
Stage Height: Fixed height or adjustable legs?
Deck Surface: Unfinished Plywood, Black Polyvinyl, Carpet or Weather Resistant?
Accessories: Do you need stair units, guardrails, stage skirting, storage carts or an ADA handicap ramp?
Custom Application: Will you need a custom stage to fit your exact application?

Proposed Usage: How many people do you want to seat or have stand?
Chairs: How wide are your chairs?
Access Aisles: Do you want an access aisle up the middle, each end, or access from the sides?

Design: Do you want it straight or curved and how many rows? Will you want a row on the floor up front?

Accessories: Do you want guardrails on the back or sides, chair stops or closure panels?
If you come up with in depth answers to the above questions, planning for your new stage or riser system will be easier. Make sure you get exactly what you need for your application. This is obviously just the very beginning of the research process, but answering these questions should start you off in the right direction.