PixelFLEX Panels Now in Color

In Product Newsby tfwm

PixelFLEX, a leaderPixelFlex in Flexible LED Systems is working hard to bring more customizable features for your productions needs and offer a wide range of custom sizes to meet your display needs is now offering current panels in color! PixelFLEX LED Systems are camera ready and have full refresh rate and color temperature adjustments making them great for many applications.

Our driving force behind this new product line was the consumer demand for colors other then standard black curtain. These products are opening us up to other markets such as houses of worship, weddings, and people who are looking to create an even more specific effect (Blue drape great for water movement type effects , White for Winter type backdrops as well as offering a different element to enhance a Venetian curtain look like some tours and theaters use etc.) They will be available in every resolution we currently offer. The material is the same as our current curtain, velvet drapery, the only difference being the physical color. Contact us today for a quote or demo at 1-800-930-7954 or sales@pixelflex.com! To see our products go to www.ledcurtain.com.