Pack Shield Offers Unique Holster for Wireless Handheld Microphones

In Product Newsby tfwm

Having a handheld microphone when you need it can sometimes be a difficult task. The new Wireless Handheld Holster from Pack Shield solves this problem.

The Wireless Handheld Holster, made of Kydex, fits most wireless handheld microphones and securely attaches to the users belt or waistband.

Pack Shield Holster for Wireless Handheld microphones is ideal for Tour Guide Systems, Sound Technicians, Road Crew, Staging Companies, and Monitor Engineers where having your wireless handheld nearby, without the risk of it falling out of a pocket, or rolling off a table is crucial. They are great for storing the handhelds in the sound booth, backstage, or in a road case. The handheld microphone is held securely in place, until you need it.

Pack Shield Wireless Handheld Holster, PACK-WHH, retails for $49.99

Pack Shield currently manufactures protective cases custom molded for numerous brands of beltpack transmitters, and In Ear Monitor Beltpack Receivers.

For more information be sure to visit or call 1-800-478-2591.