Obsidian Control Systems Offers NX2™ Lighting Console Training Video Series

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Last month, Obsidian Control Systems made available a comprehensive training video series covering its full-featured NX4™ lighting console and ONYX lighting control platform. Now the innovative lighting control brand has launched a corresponding training video series covering the smaller yet fully capable NX2™ lighting controller.

The NX2 training series is the perfect opportunity for any lighting enthusiast to get behind the desk and add to their craft. Hosted by David Henry of Learn Stage Lighting (learnstagelighting.com), nearly 2 hours of content is condensed into short, segmented videos to watch at your own pace. Console trainings usually come with a hefty fee, making these complimentary videos a tremendous value.

The NX2 training series is available at https://obsidiancontrol.com/nx2-video-training. Topics covered include:

Part 1: Introduction to NX2 (3:10 min) Part 8: Creating Effects (10:34 min)
Part 2: Patching Fixtures (5:41 min) Part 9: Using Pixel Mapped Video in Dylos (15.39 min)
Part 3: Setting Up Groups (8:27 min) Part 10: Cue Editing and Updating (6:30 min)
Part 4: Working in the 2D Plan (6:35 min) Part 11: Copying and Cloning (6:10 min)
Part 5: Controlling Lights (7:32 min) Part 12: Working with Art-Net and sACN (5:57 min)
Part 6: Creating Presets (12.44 min) Part 13: Working with RDM (3:17 min)
Part 7: Recording Cues (15:59 min)

The NX4 training video series is available at https://obsidiancontrol.com/nx4_video_training.

All Obsidian lighting controllers run the uncomplicated lighting control software ONYX™ available for free download from obsidiancontrol.com. ONYX scales from the smallest shows to the largest touring productions and fully integrates Obsidian’s artistic DYLOS™ pixel composer.