New Worship Instrument – the Harpella

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Harpella TM, the new worship instrument designed to be used as a tool for intercession and prayer and is perfect in a worship band setting.

February 4, 2013 Harpella

The Harpella TM is an electronic harp that is controlled by a computer (touch screen laptop is recommended) which makes it possible to do many amazing things that a conventional harp could never do (see attached photo and brochure and The main feature is a patented system that enables the harp to change key instantly and is never out of tune. The advantage of an electric harp is that, unlike acoustic harps, it connects directly to your sound system or guitar amplifier (effects can be easily used) and never has problems with feedback. It has 32 nylon strings at standard concert harp spacing and is approximately 61″ x 28″ and is only 1 1/2″ thick. This makes it easy to transport. The case has not yet been completed so the shipping costs have not yet been finalized.

The Harpella is priced at $9,995. which is between the cost of a new low end concert harp (around $18,000) and a high end levered folk harp (around $7,000). We are setting up a financing program with Kingdom’s financial agency and will let you know about that as soon as it is available.

The Harpella TM is fitted with high powered Light Emitting Diodes that light the body of the instrument with the colors of the rainbow that respond to the frequency of the strings played. This allows you to select the color(s) of the instrument as you feel led. The strings are also lit to allow you to know what strings should be play (unwanted strings are muted and are not lit so you can not play the wrong note).

YouTube Clip of Harpella in use:

Here a the link to a special video featuring the Harpella and a lovely worship dancer