New Look Solutions Fog Fluid Pumping Station

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Supplies Several Fog Generators With Liquid

Look Solutions photo1The Pumping Station can supply fog fluid to up to 32 connected haze or fog generators, at heights of up to 15 m. Each machine must be equipped with a special Fluid Reservoir, which can be easily connected to any Look machine via the standard fluid coupling.

For the Viper NT and Viper 2.6, the Fluid Reservoir comes with a modified tank bracket for connecting directly to the machine, otherwise the Fluid Reservoir is equipped with a hanging yoke for mounting beside or above the machine.

The Reservoirs have capacity for an adequate amount of fluid for creating steady fog or haze, and will be refilled automatically from the Pumping Station when neccessary, so that the connected machines will never run dry.

The system is equipped with mechanical protection to prevent overfilling of the Fluid Reservoirs. The system is also equipped with programmable max. run time which will disable the pump in case of fluid tube leakage.

Electronic sensors can also be connected.

The Pumping station is equipped with a DMX/RDM function; therefore, the DMX address can be set and some other adjustments made at an RDM-compatible controller.

The Pumping station can be controlled manually, via DMX, or using the internal timer. The timer has available 16 blocks where different start and stop times can be programmed.

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