Mogan Microphones Elite ICE Earset

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Second Presbyterian Gets Elite Sound with MOGAN MICROPHONES’

By Nick Pickrell

Second Presbyterian Church is located in Kansas City, MO. We can seat about 400 people in the sanctuary, and currently average about 300 a week, running two services weekly. We run a smaller service at 8:15am in our chapel, and then our larger service at 10:15 in the main sanctuary. Our worship style is traditional, although we could easily make the switch to contemporary worship. Our sanctuary is pretty tall – between 60’-70’ tall at the peak of the room. Just in front of the chancel and off to the left, we have a transept area for extra seating. Ensuring that we have good audio and clear, crisp mics in use for our sermons is very important to us, as we want everybody to be able to hear and experience the word. Predominantly, the only times we use headset-style microphones are during sermons and, on occasion, for communion when our lead pastor and associate pastor are both involved.

When we were given the chance to incorporate Mogan Microphones Elite ICE earset into our worship for several weeks, we were excited by the opportunity. The very first thing I noticed about the Elite ICE headset was its slender, low profile. The style of the headset is very comparable to the ones we were already using. As a matter of fact, when we made the switch our pastors didn’t even notice the difference! I was also very impressed by the quality of the audio – the Elite ICE sounded great right out of the box. After we hooked it up to our Sennheiser packs, we didn’t even need to EQ the mics at all – they worked perfectly with the setup we already had in place. Without naming names, I will note that our regular earsets are highend and significantly more expensive than the Mogan Elite, yet you would never know that by comparing the sound. The Elite’s were very crisp and clear, and seamlessly picked up right where the previous headsets had been. The Elite is named for its’ Invisi-Clear Earpiece (ICE), which is the only transparent earpiece in the industry. Even during filming, it’s hard to tell that the microphone is being worn.

The capsule contains a 2.5mm omnidirectional condenser element that was able to capture every nuance of the spoken word, and it is also moisture-resistant and hypoallergenic. The headset itself seemed very rugged and durable – just make sure it’s secured properly to the wireless pack you are using, and you won’t have any issues. It comes with foam windscreens, reinforced cable, a cable clip and an aluminum case for easy pack-up and storage when not in use.

Even though we only had the microphone available to use for roughly two months, we were very happy with the results. From the ease-of-use of being able to run it through our system without having to re-EQ anything, the fact that our pastors didn’t even realize we had made a change, the quality of the sound and the cost of the nicksheadset, I would recommend Mogan Elite ICE as a great solution for any house of worship looking to use earsets.

Nick Pickrell is a worship leader and new church developer in Kansas City, MO. He presently works at Second Presbyterian Church and is the founder of The Open Table, a progressive new worshiping community devoted to practicing hospitality and curating spaces that foster open dialogue about the intersections of spirituality and life. To learn more, visit