Microspace Communications Partners with Wegener for Live-Video Digital Signage Solutions

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Microspace announces new partnership with Wegener to deliver cutting-edge live digital signage solutions for enterprise applications

Raleigh NC – Microspace Communications Corporation, an industry leader in multicast network and digital satellite broadcasting services, has announced a partnership with Wegener to enhance its enterprise-level digital signage solution. Part of the VELOCITY ® offering – which provides economical and reliable video delivery to multiple locations, faster and more easily than terrestrial solutions – the new partnership utilizes Wegener’s iPump signage technology to combine live video functionality to a fully-zoned and centrally managed signage platform.

The use of digital video is steadily increasing, as companies are realizing the value and versatility of digital signage services. Wegener and Microspace have joined forces to provide a solution that is truly unique in the industry – supporting the insertion of live video programming into a retail digital signage network. This digital signage solution provides the flexibility to target specific audiences with dynamic content, in a cost-effective and scalable manner, but retains the capability to broadcast live content across large dispersed networks. Microspace’s partnership with Wegener positions their VELOCITY offering as an industry front-runner in regards to network security, connectivity, and scalability.

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities as Microspace, our long standing partner, is expanding their businesses using Wegener products,” stated Troy Woodbury, President and CEO of Wegener Corporation. “We have learned from our success internationally that the efficiency of satellite technology, whether DVB broadcast or IP multicast, has no equal when distributing media to large signage networks. Couple this with Wegener’s ability to manage these large networks and you have a powerful tool for direct, focused communication.”

The partnership helps eliminate geographical barriers and presents seemingly endless possibilities for customers to share and streamline digital information across multiple locations. Wegener’s partnership empowers VELOCITY® customers to deliver HD quality content, such as live video feeds, via satellite (as opposed to an internet streaming digital signage solution, which offers significantly lower quality).

“Microspace and Wegener have provided leading-edge satellite solutions together for over twenty five years in applications like business music and syndicated radio distribution. The joint move into digital signage fills a gap in the industry to provide a live HD signage solution which retains the ability to insert and control advertising on both a national and a local level,” added Curt Tilly, Director, Enterprise Media at Microspace.

Recognized as next-level technology, digital signage is becoming a key component to the enterprise’s content delivery network. Having the right digital signage service provider – one that provides the reliability, high-availability, and cost-effectiveness needed to remain competitive – will be critical, as the rise of digital signage continues.

The newly announced partnership between Microspace and Wegener is yet another example of the strategic partnerships and affiliations Microspace strives to establish to help define, customize, and build a superior network for customers. Microspace also maintains strategic partnerships with a host of other organizations in the digital signage marketplace.

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