Acoustics / Audio
Read through these archives to discover mic'ing techniques for live performance and recording, architectural considerations for acoustically retrofitting new or existing facilities, as well as mixing, mastering, duplicating and recording techniques for the worship setting.

Articles range from recording weekly services for archiving analog and digital, streaming on the web, distributing DVD's of your services for shut-ins, and much more. Explore new production and filming techniques, and research trends in Christian programming and how the trends have changed to encompass the cultural language and fit with the times.

If your church is just starting a theatre ministry, or if you want to learn about acting, set building, improvisation performance techniques and other topics, click through our drama section of archived articles.

This section helps with team building, introducing technical change into your church, communicating to your volunteer staff, and much more.

Stories about the newest developments in churches around the world. We study new buildings, retrofits and equipment installation and use for live events and performances. Learn from several projects with varying challenges and details.

Learn hardware and software development, and how to implement it into your house of worship. We discuss web development, content management strategy, programming languages as well as forecasts for the future of web ministry.

Lighting is one of the fastest growing industries for churches today. Learn how to cue, program, and develop mood and performance lighting skills. Articles on dimming systems, fixtures, moving lights and much more are all here, waiting for you to read.

Instrumentation, industry trends, software, reading, writing and performing, our music section covers a wide variety of articles that can help you broaden your knowledge and musical skills.

Articles discussing security trends, protecting your facility or your equipment, as well as forecasts of product development to help keep your church secure and your people safe.

Video projection technology is explained in layman's terms as well as advanced. Read through glossaries, product comparisons, software studies, graphic analysis and much more. A great foundation for any developing video media ministry.