Jesus Culture Uses Yamaha Consoles At Conference And In Church

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Jesus Culture Conference QL5 FOH Daniel EllisThe band Jesus Culture recently sponsored a Conference on the campus of University of California Davis where, throughout the weekend, attendees heard from significant church and worship leaders. The Sacramento Christian band formed as a result of a movement focused on becoming influencers of society.

Jesus Culture is fronted by vocalists Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala with Ian McIntosh playing keys, Jeffrey Kunde on lead guitar, Brandon Aaronson on bass, Josh Fisher on drums, and Skyler Smith on acoustic guitar. The musicians also lead worship for the Jesus Culture Sacramento Church every Sunday. The congregation currently meets at Folsom (CA) High School in a 600-seat theater with attendance reaching between 800-1200 every weekend. In addition to the band members, many other musicians rotate Sunday services.

The band’s church owns Yamaha CL5 and QL5 Digital Audio Consoles purchased through AGI that they used for the Conference. “We decided to use the church consoles because they met all of our needs for the Conference and since we already own them, it helped budget for other gear that was required, states Cory Edwards, monitor engineer. The Yamaha consoles were initially chosen for the church because of their ease of use. Daniel Ellis (front of house engineer) and I are not always in town, so we rely on volunteers for the church much of the time to operate the consoles.”

Edwards said that since Jesus Culture Sacramento is currently set up as a portable church, having the Yamaha Rio Input/Output boxes and the Dante network presents a lot of flexibility and quick set up. “Our set up for the Conference was identical to the church. Daniel uses the Yamaha QL5 and I use the CL5 at monitors, along with two Rio3224-D racks. For the Conference, we had an analog split with one ISO that went to our Rio racks, and the other ISO split off for recording purposes. We both shared the Rio boxes for the Conference as we do for the church set up. I set HA Gains that work out wonderfully for both of us. We had almost 60 working inputs for the Conference, with 14 stereo ear mixes. The Yamaha CL and QL consoles make it all a breeze for us.”

“Having the Dugan and Premium Effects built in really make using the consoles enjoyable,” says Ellis. “In the past, I have relied heavily on my Waves plug-ins for my mixes, but as long as I have the QL, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

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