Leading European loudspeaker designers and manufacturers Outline are delighted to announce the official launch of no less than four entirely new designs at ISE, taking place in Amsterdam on February 5th-8th.

The Ki-Series is an application-flexible compact loudspeaker concept designed for a broad range of installed applications. Both models (the Ki-12 and Ki-10) maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness with internal crossover networks, a small footprint, integral mounting points and very high SPL capability. Showcasing another example of Outline’s innovative engineering, both models also feature rotatable horns that can be adjusted without any disassembly of the device.

The MV1CX is the latest member of the Cinema Series family of Outline products. This high-powered, slimline co-axial design is ideal as a main system component for smaller cinemas and may also be used as the centre speaker in L-C-R arrangements. Its small footprint features side-located reflex ports to eliminate LF-induced screen vibration.

Outline’s V10 and V15 kits are thoughtfully-conceived and highly cost-effective sound systems designed specifically for musicians, DJs, presenters, lecturers, entertainers and anyone who transports and operates their own audio equipment. Comprising either one or two powered subwoofers which also contain the amplification and processing for the satellite speakers (from Outline’s well-established Vegas range), these portable setups deliver up to 12kW of audio power while retaining the class-leading audio quality for which Outline is justly recognised (learn more at solutions.outline.it).

Finally the all-new Monaco 215 CX is yet another Outline loudspeaker which appears to defy the laws of physics. Containing two 15” LF transducers, one of which features a co-axially-loaded 3” diaphragm compression driver, this is a true full-range enclosure which can be driven either passively (by a single amplifier channel) or bi-amped. Ideal for a wide range of small to medium sized sound reinforcement applications, it is also compatible with various models of Outline subwoofer if further LF extension is required.

Outline have also recently announced the availability of new software (1.8.2) and firmware (V.93) for their unique Newton processor (newton.outline.it) and their proprietary ‘Dashboard’ remote control software, all of which will also be on view at ISE.

The Outline team look forward to welcoming visitors to their stand, 7-X215 in Hall 7.