Infocomm Partner: MyMix

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6517 Navaho Trail
Edina, MN 55439

Contact: Mathais von Heydekampf

Infocomm Booth C8929

myMix provides the only in-ear monitoring solution specifically designed for musicians. Personal monitoring is effective only when it produces a natural 3D sound. myMix does this plus a whole lot more.

mymixbigProducts Showcased at Live Events Pavilion:

  • 5 myMix personal monitors
  • 16-LA myMix Input Expander
  • myMix Control System Software
  • RME Madi Adi 648 Converter
  • myMix Powered 8 Switch


Musicians experience frustration with personal monitoring because the mix being replicated doesn’t match what happens in a natural sound environment. To create an enjoyable, effective monitoring experience you have to re-create that natural environment in the monitor mix. myMix accomplishes this by putting the musician in control of volume, tone, pan and stereo effects on each individual channel—not just the overall mix. The sound quality of myMix is impeccable; it has all the bells and whistles to satisfy any tech director and is simple enough for a musician to operate on his own. Musicians don’t want to mess with gear, they just want to play well—myMix lets them do that.