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“Hope To Believe” by Chris Duran and “One” by Noelle Cablay are two projects that represent the diversity found in worship music.

The “One” project by Noelle Cablay is a deeply personal recording featuring piano and voice. The sparseness of the recording gives this project an intimate feel.

“I wrote most of the material on the last 9 months,” says Cablay, “I felt the Lord tell me to create a musical journal of my relationship with Him through a season of gut wrenching revelation and healing. The first song, Joy in the Morning, was written from my weekly meeting with a pastor I have sought counsel with. It came as I realized if I just held on through the pain the Lord would indeed bring joy because weeping last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Cablay continues, “You Have Been Faithful was out of consideration of where I have been in my walk with the Lord, and points to where He is leading. ‘He is there… even if your son has a brain lesion they can’t get to, Noelle. He is still faithful.’ That’s what my pastor said.”

If “One” gives a voice to the individual expression of worship, “Hope To Believe” by Chris Duran gives language to the corporate cry of the congregation.

Every song on this project is experienced weekly at Mosaic with Erwin McManus. In describing the worship at Mosaic, Chris Duran says: “Our Worship experience is something we want people to feel as soon as they step on to one of our campuses. Some of these people in attendance have only 20-25 minutes to pause and recharge for the week. With the craziness of life we often forget to spend those moments with God who can help us along in our journey.

Being in LA is sometimes a tough crowd so we take on that challenge to be the best that we can be. By doing so we always want to show hope and even give people a glimpse of what true beauty can look like if you are connected to the source of Life. We always want to live by faith, to be known by love and to be a voice of hope.”


Two songs that I am adding to my iPod and to my Planning Center Online set list are Crowns by Noelle Cablay and Fall Down On Us by Chris Duran.

“Crowns was written because I was realizing God was at work in my life and it is measurable and affects others.” Noelle says. “He was using my pain, my gifts, my journey to touch others. And one night I was walking by my piano late at night, the moonlight coming through the windows falling on the keys, when I felt the Lord ask me: ‘What should you say Noelle if they see your life and marvel at it? What should you feel if praise comes your way?’ And I realized as far as praise and glory goes I owned none of it. None of it was my work, none of it my doing. So I closed my eyes and said this prayer while I played the keys, and I cried through all of it.”

“Fall Down on Us is a song about being in the presence of God.” Chris Duran explains. “Through the storms of life we sometimes just need to pause and rest in God’s grace and presence.”

Both songs touched something deeply inside me. It was one of those rare moments where I just felt the profound presence of God and worshipped in the awe and wonder of that experience. I pray it touches you as well.

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Holland Davis is a published songwriter, worship leader and conference speaker. He serves as the Senior Pastor at Worship Life Calvary Chapel in San Clemente, CA.