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I was first introduced to Shannon Wexelberg at a Maranatha! Music retreat where she reluctantly took the stage and played a song for us that she had written. We were absolutely taken back by that moment and it was evident that God had definitely gifted her with an ability to connect people to Jesus through song. As a housewife and mother, her passion is her family, friends and her home church. We caught with Shannon in Colorado and talked with her about worship, songwriting and life.

HD: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

SW: The first one I can remember writing was a song called “O Lord, My King.” I was 12 years old and I actually sang it in church for special music. It’s not a great song technically speaking, but it is very worshipful. I’ve only sung it once since I was a teenager, when I was sharing my story at a ladies meeting.

HD: You have the opportunity to lead worship all over the world. What are some of the things you are discovering as you visit all these different places?

SW: More and more God has been reminding me that worship is an ALL OF LIFE response. Style of music, volume of music, whether we sing hymns or not, if you use drums or electric guitars… it’s all just a matter of preference. And music is just a vehicle for us to express ourselves to the Lord in worship! Remembering these truths helps keep our focus on what truly matters and helps us engage even when the style isn’t our preference.

HD: You have a project that you’re releasing, tell us about it?

SW: I just finished a project at the beginning of March 2010 called “I Have a Song.” My dear friend, and fellow Coloradan, Jay Stocker, produced the project. He and I have worked together on several of my projects and I count it a joy and privilege to work with him. We have similar tastes, yet are different enough that we challenge one another. Lots of amazing players played on it. Ron Robinson, guitarist of Sonic Flood, laid down some beautiful guitar work on it. Don Harris, a longtime friend and brilliant musician, played bass. I played piano. Jay played keys. Dave Davidson and Chris Carmichael arranged the strings and they are so beautiful. I feel grateful to have had such a great team! Each song kind of evolved as we went along and we didn’t give each musician TONS of stylistic direction because they are all so gifted.

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In Shannon’s words, “nearly every song on the project has a story behind it, but the title track “I Have a Song” stands out to me. It is actually being released as the first single on the radio as well. It is based on Habakkuk 3: 17-18 and I wrote it in the midst of my husband’s recovery from a very severe motorcycle accident last year. He is still recovering from it. On March 29th, 2009 a girl ran a stop sign and pulled her truck in front of his motorcycle. She was fine, but he flew 40 feet and broke 23 bones in his body, as a result. It’s been an intense year of surgeries, recovery, healing, job loss, moving and all kinds of various trials! But in the midst of it, God has given us such joy and assurance! “I Have a Song” was birthed from that experience.”

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