In the Muse Featured Independent Artist – Jamie Harvill

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Jamie Harvill is a worship leader and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. He toured as lead guitarist with artists such as Don Moen, Ron Kenoly and Truth. I had the privilege of getting to know him while working on the Praise Band projects produced by Paul Baloche for Maranatha! Music.

His newest passion is offering web based schools that feature virtual classrooms and personal coaching.He currently offers two tracks, one for songwriters called Song Schools and the other for churches and worship leaders called Worship Consultants.Worship Consultants focuses on leadership that aims to improve leadership skills, team building and worship services. We recently caught up on life…

HD: What are the musical influences that you draw from as you play and write?

JH: I am heavily influenced by singer-songwriters. I have a passion for guitar so any style goes for me. I look for great guitar tone and delivery. I really love harmony. That comes from my southern California Beach Boys influence and of course, the Eagles.

HD: You’ve been involved as a worship leader for many years now, how did you get involved in leading worship?

JH: As soon as I became a Christian back in 1975, I joined a band and started leading worship in churches pretty much right away. I was schooled in the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa kind of leading and gleaned from the guys that lead there on Saturday nights (Mustard Seed Faith, Sweet Comfort Band, The Way, Gentle Faith, etc.).

HD: That’s interesting, the Jesus Movement appears to gaining attention because of the availability of previously out of print recordings and a newly forming tour that features Pastor Chuck Smith from Calvary Chapel and the group Love Song. As a worship leader, what songs inspire you to worship?

JH: Mostly songs that have an emotional connection from the past like Trust and Obey. I am like any worshipper–I love songs that express my heart toward God. A great melody doesn’t hurt, either!

HD: You have the opportunity to lead worship in churches across America. What is an area of encouragement that you would want congregations to know about worship?

JH: That true worship is an extension of a relationship with God. A song in the heart is accompaniment to prayer. And for me, prayer is never ceasing. I come from the Practice the Presence of God thinking that our conversations with God are ongoing and are practiced during the mundane as well as the sacred times of life. Worship is life.

HD: I love hearing stories about worship. What is your most memorable “worship moment?”

JH: While in Manila, Philippines, with a team from Integrity, we were doing my song, Firm Foundation.

Tens of thousands were singing it and the sound of their feet stomping and hands clapping was so loud it hurt the ears but the experience was
magnificent! can also remember when we introduced Ancient of Days the first time and a young lady on the worship team said she thought the song was weak. I wonder if she’s changed her mind?

HD: Now it has been some time since your last project on a major label. Do you have a project in the works?

JH: I finished a solo project a year or so ago. It is called Incredible God.I am really happy with it. Gary Sadler, my co-writer on Ancient of Days and I are finishing up a project with some new songs. It has been a dream that we have had for many years. There isn’t a title yet but it is going to be a work dear to our hearts that we think the church will embrace.


There is a song that stands out on my latest project entitled Garments of Praise. I was going through a really tough time where, honestly, I felt very insecure about my abilities. I was soon to go through a change in my life and career and didn’t know it yet. God was allowing me to see the end of my ability as a leader and musician so I might trust in Him for the future. I wrote it in faith and God did help me out of that difficult time. Robin Mark sang it on his first recording with Integrity, Revival In Belfast.

I produced the Incredible God project but I’m happy to announce that Gary Sadler and I have been working to co-produce our soonto- be released project together in our own studios. My son, Josh, plays drums and Danny O’Lannerghty plays bass on both projects. Gary and I enjoy modern worship and love all kinds of styles. But we aren’t limiting the stylistic shaping of the arrangements on the new record. A great song will direct us toward the right arrangement. The new project is generally in the modern worship vein, though.

To find out more information on Jamie Harvill’s most current projects log on to Jamie’s work on Integrity Music can be found on iTunes, or If you like to be featured as an independent worship artist, please contact Holland Davis @ hollanddavis@