IN FULL EFFECT: The Technologies for Worship Conference Moves and Grooves

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Halfway through 2007, TFWM and the Technologies for Worship Conferences continue to create a buzz. With ground-breaking attendance at NAB, the Willow Creek Arts Conference, and Infocomm, the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® has evolved into a must-see attraction everywhere it goes.

Featuring the latest top-of-the-line products in an interactive environment, the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® continues to grow as new sponsors join TFWM in training and educating Houses of Worship how to make today’s technologies work for them.

With exciting hands-on workshops involving analog and digital consoles, video mixers, interview lighting gear, line arrays, personal monitoring systems and digital instruments, the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® continues to draw a record number of attendees at every show TFWM participates in.

NAB, which ran in Las Vegas from April 11-17th, started the year with a bang. Not only did the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® experience a record amount of visitors, the seminars drew attendees from as far away as South Africa.

The Willow Creek Arts Conference, June 13-15th, in Chicago, was also a resounding success. The Technologies for Worship Pavilion® was a major draw for the Willow Creek attendees. “It was wonderful to participate at the Willow Creek conference,” states Shelagh Rogers, founder of TFWM and the Technologies for Worship Conferences. “At Willow Creek, churches were really open to speaking with our sponsors about how they can use different technologies to augment their ministries. Our hands-on workshops were standing-room only… everyone wanted to experience the products for themselves.”

Infocomm, June 17-21st, Anaheim, CA, offered a larger Technologies for Worship Pavilion® and an increased number of seminars. Marcus Singleton, the Digital Media Coordinator for Breath of Life Christian Center, was especially happy to be there. “The Technologies for Worship Conferences are always a highlight of my year. I started attending to gain wisdom from the knowledgeable speakers and stay up on current changes in Media Technology. [This year], I was invited to teach a couple of classes. It is an honour for me to assist in educating and equipping congregations, concerning the benefits of utilizing technology in worship. They will certainly profit from the experience, training, networking and team building available at all of the Technologies for Worship Conferences and workshops.”

As the Technologies for Worship Conferences head into the last half of 2007, TFWM will be building on the momentum gained during the first half of the year. As Houses of Worship worldwide continue to integrate new technologies into their outreach programs, the need for the services offered by the Technologies for Worship Conferences has become even more necessary.

“We are absolutely committed to helping our attendees learn how to merge today’s technologies seamlessly into their existing worship environment,” states Rogers. “Our goal is to let Worship Leaders, Pastors, and Tech Teams come to our pavilion and experience how today’s technologies can be used in a worship capacity. We give them the ability to experience the product before they spend their budget on something that might not work in the capacity they need it to. Our sponsors play a huge role in this. They are on-hand to answer questions and educate our attendees. They teach churches how these products can be successfully integrated into worship.”

TFWM and the Technologies for Worship Conferences expect to continue to attract a record number of attendees in the last half of 2007. PAL/MIAC, which runs August 26-27th in Toronto, already has strong buzz, with people registering on-line for the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® workshops weeks in advance.

TFWM also returns to PLASA, Sept. 9-12th, in London, UK, with an increased presence. Not only is the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® expanding in size, the educational program has been expanded to include more topics as well. “The demand was there,” Rogers explains. “Last year was a trial run for us, to see if Houses of Worship in the UK and Europe were as eager to embrace the emerging technologies as their counterparts in North America. The response was overwhelming and it became obvious to us that the best way to meet the needs of PLASA attendees was to expand our participation.”

TFWM will close out the year at LDI, Nov. 12-18th, in Orlando, FL, where the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® will also have an increased presence from last year, along with additional growth in the seminar tracts.

Things can only get bigger and better in 2008, as the Technologies for Worship Conferences will be expanding with the addition of at least one new show in North America, along with continued growth internationally.

“We are thrilled to be increasing our presence in North America and expanding into continental Europe and Australia,” agrees Rogers. “It’s really exciting for us to be able to take the Technologies for Worship Pavilion®, and educational seminar tract to new venues, and to be able to share with Houses of Worship worldwide how they can effectively use today’s technologies to impact their ministry’s growth.”