How to Use Satellite to Link Remote Locations

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Why multisite campuses need a LIVE video via satellite solution

by Karen Johnson


Lancaster Community Bible Church of Central Pennsylvania uses relies on KaYou Communications satellites for their multi-sites.

Your ministry has responded to the call to have a greater impact on the local community by becoming a church with multiple locations. However, effectively connecting these campuses through teaching and worship is a big challenge.

Ministry leaders must evaluate many options to determine how best to deliver their teaching pastor’s message to the other sites. Choices include DVD’s or hard-discs transported by car, land-based data connections, or satellite.

These different options involve thorough evaluation, like:
• Live or delayed delivery
• Picture quality
• Reliability
• Number of concurrent pictures – multiple screens or views
• Startup and operational costs
• Incremental cost to add a campus
• Capital equipment versus operational costs

If you are simply going from your HoW to a single site, a land based connection – or even sneaker-net – could be an effective solution. However, if your ministry’s vision involves growth beyond two locations you’ll find that, over time, these options have serious limits. Not satellite. Ministries that have chosen a live video satellite broadcast to deliver their Sunday message have found they have fewer technical headaches. Their members are focused on the Message – not technical delays. And the multisite church is positioned for further growth and a greater impact on the community. What is unique about satellite that makes it the best option for a multisite church?

Satellite is flexible
You can be confident that your ministry will enable you to expand into any location.
• Campuses can be anywhere – across the county, state, country, or the globe.
• There are no telecom availability restrictions or unexpected connection costs.
• The system is reliable, yet simple enough for staff and volunteers to operate.
• The video quality is exceptional, and is available in standard or high definition.
• Video messages can be sent live for immediate play, or stored at remote campuses for delayed playback.
• The equipment at the remote location is minimal – a small dish and a receiver. A permanent change to remote facilities is not necessary.
• Should you ever need to change the location of a campus, the dish and receiver can travel with you.

Satellite is cost effective
• After an initial investment, operational costs are lower than with more conventional methods of video transmission.
• And since the equipment at a remote location is a dish and a receiver, the cost of adding new campuses is minimal.

Satellite is reliable
Forget the frustrations of consumer-grade satellite applications. Ka You designs and implements a broadcast-grade satellite system.
• There are very few points of failure for video from the auditorium to the uplink.
• Broadcast-grade satellite systems are robust in design – resistant to potential weather or atmospheric conditions.
• Not only is the satellite uplink at the main campus designed to be extremely reliable, the downlinks at remote locations can withstand extreme weather, as well.

There is nothing more compelling for a remote campus than a live broadcast. Being “live” creates community; everyone is sharing the same experience. Members connect on both an emotional and visceral level. Satellite delivers this; an immediate, high quality broadcast that is virtually flawless, allowing folks to focus on God — not delays or glitches in the system. With satellite, there is no Internet buffering, no delays, no fuzzy, low-resolution. The impact of a multisite ministry delivered by satellite is immeasurable as even more people are impacted by the Message.

KaYou LogoKaren Johnson is Vice President of Ka You Communications. She and the rest of the Ka You team provide video and audio satellite solutions for multisite churches, radio networks, and other ministries. Find out more at, and like us on Facebook.