HOW-TO Enrich Your Sunday Morning Experience With PTZs by Chip Manning

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How can we create a more enriching Sunday morning experience for church goers? One way is proper audiovisual integration, allowing for a dynamic and engaging environment that makes worship better than ever. The technology that has taken over businesses around the world can also make religious services a world class video experience. Your faith community is missing out: On live streaming from guest speakers from around the world, a stunning viewing experience from any seat in the house, an amplified message from the pulpit, and much more. A high definition PTZ camera can play a huge role in improving the viewer experience, especially when it comes to Houses of Worship.

Why a PTZ for your HOW?

The key point that integrators often miss while trying to sell their services to a religious group is that church resources are different from that of business. Normally, within a Church environment, volunteers will operate the cameras, or at least control the operations, and those volunteers are not necessarily technical experts. The requirement for these groups is an easy-to-use HD camera(s) with excellent video capturing capabilities. A PTZ camera or a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera answers this need nicely, and allows for flexibility in operations as well.

PTZ cameras are robotic cameras, so volunteers can be easily trained to operate them. Just give them a control room where large screen monitors can be placed, and they can take care of the camera movements themselves. The ease of use in this particular camera is a huge improvement over operators manually controlling camera movements. With minimum effort, the PTZ camera can deliver an enriching experience.

With all the debate swirling around image magnification (IMAG), there isn’t any doubt about the super flexible and high quality video capturing and distribution features of a PTZ camera. We have been looking for camera technology to deliver top quality video content, without testing the limitations of the people who will operate them. The PTZ camera is the perfect tool to help AV integrators market to HOWs. Installation is easy and operational factors virtually nil. Integrators have often been accused of being unresponsive to issues that arise during the use of particular video systems, focusing solely on the sale. For Houses of Worship, it is important to pay attention, and offer a product that meets their particular needs. The PTZ camera may be the perfect fit.

Technology in the HOW – How it all began

We saw many of the larger Houses of Worship adopt early technology for streaming sermons, starting with video recording and DVDs. Now, with advanced technology and the growing demands of an empowered audience, they have incorporated video into live sermons, and introduced digital web streaming as well. Usually a smaller HOW will not need IMAG within the church, but if they want to, they can use it for video distribution within the community. Live streaming can also be used as a form of communication within the various ministries. The sermons can also be broadcast through local cable if required. In making video technology more immersive and easier to manage, a high quality PTZ camera can take your worship services to a new level.

Chip Manning is the COO of VDO360

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