Hitachi Projectors at Current – A Christian Church

In Install Newsby tfwm

Hitachi CurrentAfter the environmental projection system in Current – A Christian Church started to lose its color and strength, an upgrade was in order. Current’s Worship and Creative Arts Pastor Evan Schwartz chose the CP-WX8265 for higher brightness and a picture that would “pop.”

“There are two Hitachi CP-WX8265 projectors mounted to the ceiling and they shoot on each side of our platform in the front,” explains Schwartz. “They are in our main auditorium which seats about 525 at one time.” The projectors are used for both graphics and live video during services.

There were multiple factors in choosing projectors that would fit the needs of the church. “We chose the CP-WX8265 because it was a great HD projector to upgrade to without a huge bill to pay,” said Schwartz. “It was a much-needed upgrade from our SD projectors. You get quite the bang for your buck. These projectors can fill the entire room.”

Finding a projector that was easy to use was also a key factor in the decision. “The projectors are very versatile. It is very easy to use the Perfect Fit feature and the lens shift to get the projector right where you need it to be.” Schwartz also notes the projector’s ease of use does not compromise the quality of the projection.

The benefits the CP-WX8265 projectors have had on Current’s services have been multiple. “There are too many benefits to name,” says Schwartz. “We upgraded our lumen power by twice the amount, threw the signal less than twice the distance, went from SD to HD and made it much more clear to see what we want people to see. When people walk into our facility, we want them to feel like they are walking into the presence of God. These projectors help us do exactly that by giving people a clear visual of what we’re presenting.”