Five Minutes with… Mark Strobel, VP of Sales and Marketing, Primera Technology, Inc.

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TFWM: Some of your publishing equipment is being used by some pretty big names- and some of the products have won awards. What makes your products so unique?

MS: Yes, we’re proud that many of our disc publishers are being used regularly by some of the best-known names in contemporary and traditional Christian music today. The many awards we’ve received have also been much appreciated. Primera’s Bravo-Series Disc Publishers have always been known for their price/performance proposition. But the products are also highly respected in the industry for their level of software sophistication and very reliable hardware platforms.We’ve been doing this for a long time – actually, over a decade – and it shows from the moment you plug in a Bravo-Series Disc Publisher and are automatically burning and printing discs within just a few minutes.

TFWM: Is the house of worship one of your more successful markets in terms of demand?

MS: Yes, churches have always been one of our best markets. Cds and DVDs were just starting to become the prominent method of content distribution at the same time we introduced our first automated disc publishers. Since then, they’ve basically taken over from cassette tapes.

TFWM: Do you run into any requests for tape duplication systems anymore?

MS: No, we don’t. If I had to guess I’d say that the transition from tape to CD/DVD media is 95% or more – maybe now very close to 100%.

TFWM: Are houses of worship using your more high end products like the Bravo Pro Xi-Series?

MS: Yes, definitely. A lot of churches start out with our 20-disc, single drive Bravo SE Disc Publisher. At just $1495, it does a lot of what most churches need. But it’s interesting how once you get a unit in-house how much you start using it. Just a few examples: photos from summer bible camps, videos of drama groups and concerts, educational materials for study groups, DVDs for prospective members – the list goes on and on.

Blank media is so inexpensive these days at only about $0.25 per disc. This means that you can use Cds and DVDs for a lot more than just sermon Cds. When you start doing all of these projects, a high-speed, 100-disc capacity disc publisher like BravoPro Xi2 makes a lot of sense. Prices have come down in recent years, too, making higher-end devices like BravoPro Xi2 more affordable than ever before.

TFWM: What do you see in the future as far as disc publishing?

MS: The next big step will likely be high-definition (HD) content. For years, video has routinely been shot with HD cameras. But there were no easy or convenient ways to actually play back the HD files much less distribute them. Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) is changing all of that. This year, for the first time ever, BD players could be purchased for less than $100. In fact, they are just $78 at one national retailer.This put HD playback capability into hundreds of thousands of homes with millions more coming. Churches that offer Blu-ray Discs are still very much the exception since media is still expensive at about $2.00 per disc.But as volumes grow, media prices will come down. We’re ready to serve this new market with a full range of Primera Blu-ray Disc enabled disc publishers.