Elite Screens QuickStand 5-Second Series

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Elite Screens QuickStand 5-Second Series

By Pastor Ruben Reyes, III

February 2015-5 pictureSolid Rock Church is a small church plant in Claremont CA and our mission is making disciples who follow Jesus.  We launched in April 2014 and meet at a local middle school.  As a portable church, we have to tear down and build up every week – we run one service on Sunday – and have between 60-80 people attending.

As a portable church, time means everything to us.  We look for gear that’s easy to set-up and just as easy to tear down.  It currently takes us about an hour to load in and set-up before we do mic checks or anything else, and even though we’ve been doing this for almost a year now, it can get pretty complicated.

When we were looking for a screen, we initially looked for portability, something that would be easy to set-up and also something that would be lightweight.  Two out of three ain’t bad: our QuickStand 5-Second Series from Elite Screens is pretty heavy, but it’s also extremely well built, so we don’t mind.

The screen set-up is incredibly easy.  In the past, we had to build the frame, stretch the screen, put it on the stand, etc. – it usually took two people at least 15 minutes or more just to get the screen up, and that was time we couldn’t really afford.  With the Elite screen, we open the box, grab the handles and push it up – so it’s very easy to use and takes less than three minutes for two people to set up.

There was zero learning curve for us; basically, what you see is what you get – which is exactly what we were looking for.  One of the nice things that comes with the screen that we hadn’t thought about initially is a velcro skirt that goes around the bottom of the screen and covers the box.  It attaches to the bottom of the screen and just keeps everything looking cleaner and more professional.

It has the potential to be very portable, as it comes with a heavy-duty road box with wheels for rolling it to where we need it, but because it’s over 12’ long, we are currently storing it at the school because we don’t have room to move it in and out every week in our box truck, which is only 10 feet.  However, we are hoping to get a new truck this spring which will resolve this issue.

We were looking for a screen that met a certain height threshold so that people could see lyrics on screen even with the worship band in front of.  Our QuickStand 5-Second Series screen is 150” diagonal screen, and its height allows us to project about the heads of our worship band so that everyone in the congregation can sing along to the lyrics.

February 2015-2 reportI would recommend this screen for mobile churches and any other church looking for a quick, portable screen – in my opinion, it provides a great backdrop for our stage, and there is lots of room for creativity.  Three of these screens side by side would look fabulous.

As a church plant that leases space, ease of set up with the 5-second Screen far exceeds all our hopes and makes for a fantastic edition to our stage.

Ruben Reyes III is the Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Solid Rock Church.