Elation LED Video Displays Support the Word at In His Presence Church

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House of worship getting the message across bright and clear with recent installation of high resolution Elation EZ6 LED video screen

In His Presence_1In His Presence church in Woodland Hills, California, has always brought a dynamic media element into their church services but has upped the visual quality recently with high resolution LED video panels from Elation Professional. In 2012, an installation of 56 Elation EPV762 LED video panels added high resolution graphics possibilities to their 1000-capacity auditorium, and more recently a large center screen made up of 90 EZ6 high resolution LED video panels has been added to replace their video projection system.

“The Elation video panels allow us to achieve the wow factor that our pastors were looking for and give us a great digital backdrop to use for sermons, praise of worship and other elements within the church,” states David Lewis, who handles media and digital production at the church. “They really help to bring forth the message to the congregation.”

Originally positioned as one center screen, the EPV762 panels were split into a 7×4 configuration on each side of the stage with the new EZ6 panels taking center stage as an 18×5 panel backdrop. The EZ6 panels were supplied to the church by Guitar Center Professional of Sherman Oaks, California.

“The EZ6 panels have really added to what we’ve been able to present in our services,” says Dave Scott, media staff at In His Presence who adds that one of the advantages over their previous video system is that now their digital media ‘pops’ so much more visually. “It’s so much cleaner, so much brighter and catches the eye so much more that it really adds to the experience. We can make backdrops thematic or specific to individual songs and because of the brightness and the fact that it is visually stimulating, it really adds to the experience.”

Greater possibilities

Although the church uses various types of content on the panels, including motion graphics, video and still photography, the digital backgrounds always support the pastor’s message or praise of worship team. “We try to bring everyone into the moment to feel the passion of the message,” says David Lewis, “and try to do anything we can digitally that will help that.”

The new EZ6 screen has given greater possibilities for mood creation in the congregation and really welcomes them into a place of worship, says David Lewis. “Whether it be a song or sermon, they get connected and drawn into what’s going on because we can tell the story with the LED screens.”

Virtual backdrop ease…and savings

In the past, the physical set took up quite a bit of stage space, but the new video panels have allowed In His Presence to reclaim use of their entire stage. “Now, instead of building sets and moving scenery on and off the stage, we have a virtual backdrop that works just as well,” explains Dave Scott. “It has cut down on set costs because there is so much we do not have to purchase now as far as dressing the stage and set. Now we create virtual backdrops with our panels. We not only save on construction and art supplies we also save time during a service by not having to move sets in and out.”

“It’s a quicker, more productive way of doing things,” adds David Lewis. “The panels have exceeded our expectations and have really allowed us to meet the pastor’s vision which is really what we are here to do.”

Best solution, right product

An attractive price point was also an important factor and the Elation video panels allowed In His Presence to stretch the worship facility’s budget. “Elation worked with us to help figure out the best solution for what we were trying to achieve but they also worked with us on finding the right product for our budget,” states David Lewis. “They fit within our budget but at the same time fit our needs as far as size and weight for the structural integrity of the building.”

As is so important in any business relationship but perhaps even more a deciding factor with a house of worship, a solid reputation and sound character was valued. “We knew that Elation was a reputable company and that played into our decision,” concludes Dave Scott. “Elation is a company of integrity and that more than anything else was the reason why we chose to go with them. Their reputation has proven to be exactly what they practice.”

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