CHAUVET® Professional Ovation™ Series

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CHAUVET® Professional OvationChauvet2™ E-190WW and Ovation™ F-165WW luminaires are designed specifically for theater and stage. Powered by 19 10-watt LEDs, CHAUVET® Professional Ovation™ E-190WW—styled after the ellipsoidal spot fixtures—delivers over 3,446 lux at 5 meters (using the 26-degree lens tube). Ovation™ E-190WW has standard beam shaping shutters, separate gobo and effect slots and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other ERS fixtures. Ovation™ E-190WW has a color temperature of 3,100K, a beautiful flat field, a 16-bit dimming curve, allowing for smooth fades at the lowest levels. Powered by 16 10-watt LEDs, CHAUVET® Professional Ovation™ F-165WW—the line’s Fresnel-style fixture—delivers over 1,730 lux at 5 meters (13 degrees) without a significant temperature-related drop off. The fixture has an easily adjustable motorized zoom and works exceptionally well with barn doors to aid in glare reduction and beam shaping. Knobs for local control of both dimming and zoom enable fast focus calls with or without a board-op. Its innovative LED source produces smooth, even washes from 9 to 52 degrees with a color temperature of 3,100K and a beautiful soft field. Selectable dimming curves make it compatible with older, traditional theater Fresnel lights. Sixteen-bit dimming allows for precise level control and dimming to levels below 1%.