Northwest Bible Church Chooses EAW Solutions

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Northwest_Bible_Church-2The unique combination of output, pattern control, clarity and sound quality of the QX Series has done wonders for the revamped sound system at Northwest Bible Church (Dallas, TX), where consulting firm Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW) designed another LCR system using QX. All three of Northwest Bible’s QX arrays individually provide over 90 percent coverage to the main floor seating using QX564i for a true Left, Center, Right system.

To complement the QX units, Jim Burdette, WJHW’s senior consultant, used EAW KF394 and KF364 compact, three-way systems for short-throw audio. “Those have a very similar mid-high profile to the QX500’s, so that worked very well,” Burdette said. They rounded out the system with UB52i cabinets for the side and front fills.

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Cokesbury United Methodist  Church Keep Timeless Message Current with CHAUVET

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CUMC’s state-of-the-art broadcasting capabilities includes new LEDs

Cokesbury2Steeped in the timeless traditions of faith and charity, Cokesbury United Methodist Church touches the lives of people in the Knoxville area with an active volunteer organization involving some 400 congregation members, food drives, a recovery program and other outreach activities. At the same time, though, Cokesbury is also a very modern, forward-looking mega church with three distinct campuses that draw over 3,500 worshipers every week, ministering to them with a blend of traditional and contemporary services; the latter offering “the freedom to worship God with your hands raised, your dancing shoes on and a heart ready to be drawn into His presence.”

In keeping with its commitment to reaching worshippers in today’s high-tech world, Cokesbury has state-of-the-art broadcasting capabilities for live streaming services two days a week, and outstanding audio systems throughout all three campuses — and most recently — a new LED lighting system, designed by Ken (“KP”) Patterson of A Tennessee Lighting Company in Knoxville.

Featuring a variety of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ, the new lighting design gives Cokesbury Church the flexibility to go from soft accents to dramatic visual effects for the varied mix of traditional and contemporary services held at (and broadcast from) its three campuses, all while enjoying the energy and cost savings benefits associated with LED technology.

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Florida Baptist Church Converts (A/D) with Symetrix

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Trinity_Baptist_ChurchThe sound system at Trinity Baptist Church in Ocala, Florida is quite sophisticated for a sanctuary that seats approximately 800 congregants. It delivers left-center-right imaging to nearly every seat from multiple loudspeaker positions, including six time-delayed left-center-right zones that cover the areas farthest from the pulpit. This system was installed by Pro Sound & Video in 2004 and although the loudspeakers and amplifiers have held up well, the original DSP processing system that performed the complex routing and filtering did not. Florida-based Pro Sound & Video, Inc. replaced the original processing system with two Symetrix Radius 12×8 Dante™ network audio DSPs and augmented their sixteen combined outputs with two SymNet xOut 12 audio output expansion boxes. All of the units network seamlessly via Dante and replace all of the old analog processing, with plenty of processing power to spare for improvements.

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VOLKS|LICHT Spot at Tomoka Christian Church

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TomokaChristianChurch1.PhotoCreditBrendanErazo(1280x720)The Tomoka Christian Church, near Daytona Beach, Florida, recently carried out a major technical upgrade to its new sanctuary, which included eight of GLP’s new VOLKS|LICHT Spots and six impression X4 moving heads — supplied by distributors, AC Lighting.

According to AC’s Fred Mikeska, this was the result of AC Lighting’s long relationship with the church’s audio visual contractor, Nate Mudge (president of system contractors and dealers Nateco) and followed a successful GLP fixture demo at last year’s InfoComm trade show in Florida.

While the Church’s Technical Director, Shane Stanton, was already familiar with the GLP brand, he admits that this was the first time he had investigated their fixtures at close quarters.

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Audix Mics Serve Athey Creek

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AtheyCreekTechsWebAthey Creek is a non-denominational Christian church in Wilsonville, OR that serves a diverse community. As such, they need to provide worship experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to a wide variety of parishioners. Athey’s technical team has to be prepared for any number of service scenarios and miking strategies, and Audix provides the solutions they need.

Head Technical Director Tim Miller and Assistant Technical Director Ryan Shrout were kind enough to share some thoughts on how they go about their work using Audix mics:

“My wife and I attended Athey Creek for a few years before the need for a full-time tech director arose,” says Tim. “When the church began looking for help, I volunteered for a season, which eventually turned into a full-time job. My background is as a musician, but I really cut my teeth at Athey on the technical side of sound. Bringing both the musical and technical sides to the table helped to understand miking and mixing.”

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The Refuge Selects LynTec for New Campus

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RPCRs Bring Remote Power Sequencing to House of Worship’s Light and Audio Applications


LynTec, a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, today announced that the company’s award-winning RPCR relay panels have been selected for The Refuge’s new campus in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Featuring remote control capabilities, LynTec’s RPCR-48 and RPCR-24 provide remote sequencing capabilities to the house of worship’s light and audio systems, without the need to redesign the church’s current system.

The Refuge’s new Kannapolis campus features state-of-the-art sound and light systems that turn sermons, concerts, and other church events into immersive audience experiences. To add simple remote sequencing and control, easy status updates via the Web, and the ability to power down equipment completely, integrator WAVE turned to LynTec’s award-winning RPCR-48 and RPCR-24 relay panels. Featuring a built-in Web server to bring remote electrical control to any large assembly space, the RPCRs add easy branch circuit control and monitoring to any existing breaker panel regardless of brand, make, or model.

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Christ Chapel Looks Up to L-ACOUSTICS

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Electro Acoustics specifies and installs four-array KARAi/SB18i rig for main sanctuary

Christ Chapel Bible Church knows sound. The 30-year-old church in Ft. Worth has steadily expanded since it was founded in 1984, adding new buildings to its evolving main campus and recently opening a satellite location, and all of the main venues have state-of-the-art sound systems from a number of iconic brands.

Like many contemporary houses of worship, Christ Chapel Bible Church recognizes that delivering a powerful message requires a sound system that can offer utter clarity for the spoken word and clear, clean sound for a strong music program. In order to achieve all this and stay at the forefront of sound system technology for its main sanctuary, Christ Chapel Bible Church chose to purchase and install an L-ACOUSTICS KARAi line source array system – the version of KARA specifically tailored for the fixed install market.

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