Inspirational Live Entertainment Technology Speakers took the stage in Kansas City

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Plasa Focus Kansas CityPLASA’s inaugural Kansas City Focus Show opened its doors this week showcasing the very latest live entertainment technology products, attracting major buyers and hosting truly inspirational industry speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise.

The seminar program and training sessions saw a diverse range of topics with highlights including: Rocky Paulson – a master of rigging, sharing his expertise on the art of rigging safely with the right components; Daunte Kenner – a veteran in both lighting and video, enlightening the audience on the craft and workflow that goes behind creating video; and Richard Pilbrow – the renowned lighting designer and founder of Theatre Projects, sponsored by Group One’s ‘ElektraLite’, musing that a theatre is an accelerator of energy and light and the principle that an audience makes the atmosphere before the play begins. He presented an insightful session on how these elements have influenced the changes and developments in modern theatre architecture.

Christopher Toulmin, Director of Events said: “PLASA prides itself on delivering outstanding educational content, promoting standards within the industry and creating an intimate and friendly regional platform for business, enabling qualified buyers to discover new technologies and integrations within the live entertainment marketplace.”

Pamela Meadows from the University of Missouri Kansas enthused: “I attended nine seminar sessions and they were all great. I especially liked anything involving LED technology.  I would definitely come back to a PLASA Show in the future.”

“This is our first time visiting PLASA Focus,” Corey Verdusco, President and CEO, Golden Road Entertainment Specialists added. “We love the small, regional event because we get to interact more with the exhibitors and presenters. We find networking is a lot easier than it is at the large shows.”

Tobin Neis, Director of Marketing at Barbizon Lighting, who exhibited at the show supported this saying: “We spoke to multiple potential customers with immediate needs for upcoming projects and equipment needs we wouldn’t have seen at larger shows because of travel budgets, or schedule conflicts. “

“There were many components to the PLASA Focus Kansas City show including showcasing the region’s highlights with a truly inspiring tour of The Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts focusing on the technical features the Center offers from world class rigging, lighting, acoustics and sound.” Adds Laura Hoepker, Show Manager NA, PLASA: “This was followed by RC4 Wireless and XS Lighting hosting a buzzing evening of networking with a Kansas City BBQ experience like no other.”

The next PLASA event will be its international flagship, PLASA Show London, taking place 4-6 October 2015.  To find out more visit

Avid S6 Private Demo Sessions in Houston, TX

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Sponsored by GC ProGCPro

Guitar Center Professional and Avid® invite you to get an in-depth, hands-on demo of the revolutionary performance, superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control of the new Avid® S6 control surface, at a series of upcoming demo sessions on Wednesday, May 27, in Houston, TX.

There will be three sessions throughout the day. Space is limited to only 15 attendees per session, so RSVP today for one of the sessions.

At the demo, see how the Avid S6 can help you:

  • Mix faster and more easily through superior ergonomics and visual feedback
  • Save money with a modular design that can scale as your business grows
  • Use EUCON 3.0 to take deep, integrated control of your studio

Avid S6 Houston Demo sessions:
Wednesday, May 27
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
2 p.m.-4 p.m.
6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Guitar Center Houston
8390 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77063

More information on this event can be found here:

TFWM Live Event Experience at Infocomm2015

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Partner Profile:


Booth 343

Digital Projection partners withthe TFWM Live Events Pavilion at Infocomm 2015, showcasing their HIGHlite Laser projector.

DPI_HIGHliteLASER_0415-sizedRemarkably bright, the HIGHlite Laser delivers a stunning 11,000 lumens from a 20,000 hour illumination source. Developed with a “Set it and Forget it” directive, the HIGHlite LASER delivers an inspiring imaging solution for Worship venues.  The robust list of features include lamp-free illumination, high-bandwidth functionality supporting frame rates up to 144 Hz, and diverse inputs such as HDBaseT.

The appeal for Worship venues is obvious:  bright, stable and color-accurate imagery with remarkably low lifetime costs of ownership. DPI’s Laser projectors can run in an almost unlimited positioning range, including portrait, straight up at the ceiling and straight down at the floor.  So they’re remarkably easy to install and maintain.

For a schedule of Pavilion Events and performances, click here.

For more information and to register for the Worship Education Program, click here.


Other Live Event Experience Partners

BexelTSS, DPA Microphones, Kramer Electronics, LAWO,
ProCo (RapcoHorizon), Renkus-Heinz and Skylark Audio Video


The Custom In-Ear Revolution

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Philippe DepallensWe talk with Philippe Depallens discusses how new cutting-edge technology at Ultimate Ears makes getting customs made easier for musicians than ever before.

TFWM: Tell us a bit about Ultimate Ears.

Philippe: When UE was founded, it focused more on just a few products, and about three years ago we decided that just focusing on products wasn’t a good long term investment strategy. We decided we needed to understand our customer and their needs better, in order to delight the customer at all their touch points. We believe we have the opportunity at every touch point to either impress or disappoint a customer, and there is no single point in this stage that isn’t as important as any other stage. We constantly gather feedback from our customers on how we are doing, where they’re at, etc. We review the feedback we’re getting, the issues they’re facing, etc. and make their journey with us easier.
Over the last three years we’ve decided to reinvent UE and have become true partners with musicians on all levels. What we’re trying to do is make the customer journey the best it can be, from research to purchase and, finally, the customer support we offer. Our goal is to remove any barriers related to purchasing and owning a custom In-ear monitor, and make using in-ears so easy that it’s almost a no-brainer for people to move to monitor mixers.

TFWM: UE has revolutionized the way custom in-ears are made. Tell us about this new process.

Read the rest of the Q&A here.

Two-thirds of People Worldwide are Religious

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praiseNew research this Easter shows that worldwide six out of ten (63%) citizens say they are religious, while one in five (22%) say they are not and one in ten (11%) consider themselves convinced atheists. In Africa and the Middle East more than 8 out of 10 people (86% and 82% respectively) portray themselves as religious while 7 out of 10 say so in Eastern Europe and America  (71% and 66% respectively) and 6 out of 10 (62%) in Asia, say they are.

WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, has today published its latest data exploring the religious beliefs of 63,898 people from 65 countries across the globe.

Western Europe and Oceania are where opinions are most polarized between those who think of themselves as religious or not with around 4 out of 10 respondents (43% who say they are religious and 37% who say they are not in W. Europe and 44% versus 37% respectively in Oceania)  choosing one of these two options. It is also, in these two regions and in Asia where the largest number of atheists are found – slightly over 1 out of 10 in each region (Western Europe: 14%; Asia 14%; Oceania 12%).

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Does Your Desert Island have 48v ?

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by Chuck Mitchell

I know we all love our 57 for ’bout everything when we’re in a pinch with little to choose from.  BUT when it comes to getting incredible mileage and versatility out of a pair of compact, affordable microphones, my winner is a pair of DPA 4061’s, currently available as a pair in kit form, model SMK-SC4061.

dpa-smk4061-stereo-microphone-kit_2-x2_1-642x335These mics are omni directional, which you would think presents issues. But in most cases, their micro size allows for them to have advantages where tight proximity is an option. Many times I show up at gigs with all kinds of compromising mics on the Piano. I usually bring these mics and use them for piano more than anything. They come with very cool, small magnet mounts that allow for virtually any placement around the harp area. Sometimes I combine them with an SM57 on the underside of the piano, about 1/3 down between the floor and the sound board for warmth and/or additional gain. However, they perform GREAT in the studio for recording an acoustic guitar in stereo. I just hang them about a foot away dangling from a horizontal boom mic stand. Its like you’re just sitting in front of the guitar. For live nylon or acoustic without a pickup, I just use one of the accessory mounts or a small piece of tape to mount it just out of reach of the hole and player’s space, under the frets.

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Before Purchasing an LED Wall…

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by Bryan Cole

LED walls are increasingly being used in HoW worldwide as prices become more affordable. Once considered a tool for only the largest mega-churches with budgets to purchase them and the staff to operate them, LED walls are now within reach of smaller organizations with more mainstream budgets. Here we discuss three important aspects to consider before purchasing an LED wall.


The color emanating directly from an LED is very vivid, and very high in contrast – many will say that content on an LED Video wall “really pops.” LED video walls have no problem competing with ambient room light, and they also coexist quite well with theatrical lighting.

Depending on the pixel pitch chosen, a single cabinet can have over 16,000 3-color LEDs. While conversion from Nits (the measure of light output often used for LED walls) to Lumens (the measure of reflected light used for projection) is not a direct process, since one involves area and another does not, even a modest 1200 Nit LED wall is significantly brighter than most single projectors are capable of. This is why in high ambient light situations, projectors are often “stacked” – two devices sending the same image to the same screen to meet minimum brightness requirements for the venue. By comparison, a 1200 Nit LED wall would actually be too bright in some more theatrical-style church lighting situations.

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Technologies for Worship at Infocomm 2015

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IC15 Logo Block-sized

Education Program for Houses of Worship Returns to Orlando for Infocomm 2015

Join Technologies for Worship Magazine and our partners, Church Tech Leaders and Infocomm, for over three days of seminars geared specifically to the House of Worship market.

Running from June 16 to June 18 at the Orange County Convention Center, seminars include:

  • Why LEDs Turn Rubber Duckies Evil
  • Choosing the Best Audio Network for Your Needs
  • The Wireless Spectrum Auction and its Importance to HoW
  • Video Creation to Completion (from Storyboards to Final Edits)
  • Building a Lighting System for Houses of Worship
  • The Pursuit of Motion, Resolution and Image Quality
  • How to Develop Your Audio Volunteers
  • LIVE Production Tips
  • Mixing Worship 201
  • Visual Worship – What Does it Mean?
  • Plus many more!

The Technologies for Worship Pavilion, located at booth 6878 on the show floor, will also be running free hands-on workshops, feature live worship bands performing multiple times a day over the course of the show, and have technical experts on-hand to answer your questions.

For more information and to register for your seminars, please click here

Partners include DPA Microphones, Digital Projection International (DPI), Kramer Electronics, LAWO, ProCo (RapcoHorizon), Renkus-Heinz and Skylark Audio Video.

If you have any questions, please call Michelle Makariak, Editor at 705-500-4978, or Darryl Kirkland, Publisher, at 905-690-4709.