Audinate + Shure Dante Webinar

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Moving to an AV-over-IP system addresses many of these issues, improving the quality of conferencing with perfectly placed, high quality microphones, DSPs and speakers, and allowing the system to be centrally managed and supported by IT. This webinar looks at how a Dante-based conferencing solution using Dante Domain Manager looks and is installed to achieve these results.

Join Audinate and Shure for the webinar “How Dante AV-over-IP helps IT management deliver high-quality conferencing solutions,” hosted by AV Technology on April 7th at 11am EDT.

Wirecast and Zoom Integration Video

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With the current COVID-19 pandemic happening most of us have been asked to do business from home. Wirecast is a great resource to bring some normalcy back to working life. If your requirements include the need for on-screen titles, graphics and multiple cameras, for example, Wirecast works with Zoom for more professional broadcasts and can help you creatively reach your audience to keep business and communications moving forward. We also are providing a 10% discount on Wirecast and Screenflow to people who work in the education, non-profit or government sectors.

ETC Study Hall in Session

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This week ETC is running new live events via their Study Hall program, featuring webinars, Q&As, and round tables led by both their employee experts and their friends around the industry. The content will be geared toward all their audiences around the globe, including dedicated events for just their dealers and reps—so be sure to log in to MyETC to see all the upcoming listings!

Understanding and Overcoming the Psycho-Acoustic Effects of Using In-Ear Monitoring Solutions

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In-ear monitors are known to help improve the overall sound quality by dramatically reducing noise on stage. However, most musicians complain about poor audio, unfamiliar/ isolated sound, even dizziness which can make the transition to IEMs frustrating. In this workshop, Synthax explains the dynamics of listening with IEMs and how a qualified personal monitoring system can help overcome these issues by creating an individual, 3D, natural sound experience. Participants in the class will be able to create a 3D sound and compare for themselves.

At their best, personal monitor mixers make the worship music experience more enjoyable for both tech directors and musicians. Synthax show how a musician-friendly, intuitive user interface for a personal mixer is key in avoiding tech-overload for musicians. Lastly, they will provide an overview on the importance of channel selection and what should be offered to musicians to keep them happy and in the flow so musicians can do what they are there to do: play music. A successful implementation of an IEM system should result in more playing enjoyment for the musician and more time for the tech engineer to concentrate on the FOH. If this isn’t the case, the IEM is not doing its job. This workshop will help you identify what you need to set up for success.

Worship Summit Live

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Worship Summit Live 2.0 is tomorrow. You can still get tickets for yourself and your the worship leaders on your team. Enjoy a full day of church production education with expert speakers such as Dr. Barry Hill, Paul Richards, Jake Gosselin, and Dave Dolphin (among others).

You can win a free PTZOptics Live Streaming Camera! Get your free tickets and enter to win a PTZ live streaming camera for your church at

Powersoft Announces Updated Calendar of Free Online Training Sessions for April

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Italian power amplifier manufacturers Powersoft have announced an updated program of free and interactive online training sessions for their global user base for the month of April and beyond.

The sessions will cover a variety of topics across Powersoft’s product ranges – including their ArmoníaPlus and HealthPlus system management applications and the new Mezzo power amplifier range – as well as project setup and audio networking. Sessions will be delivered by Powersoft’s experienced application engineers and will be offered multiple times a day in English, Spanish, and Italian to accommodate customers around the world.

HARMAN Pro University Learning Sessions

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HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced the new Learning Sessions eLearning program offered for free in conjunction with HARMAN Pro University.

The Learning Sessions along with the Live Workshop Series provides a range of free on-demand and instructor-led webinars hosted by leading knowledge experts from around the world. The Industry Expert workshops feature tips and tricks from Front of House Engineers, Lighting Designers, Technicians and other industry experts, while the HARMAN Expert workshops feature in-depth product and solution webinars by HARMAN product specialists.

EASE Focus 3

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EASE Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program used for 3D modeling to set up an ideal sound system for your next project. It is free to download on the EASE Focus website and Fulcrum Acoustic have made all of the GLL files for their loudspeakers available on the support page of their website. The EASE Focus 3 Features Webpage offers a great step by step process to help you get started using the program.