HOW-TO Matrix Intercom Systems

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by Christian Diehl
Intercom systems today come in many different shapes and sizes. When considering an intercom system, it is important to prioritize the things that are important. Make sure that you get the sound quality and scalability that you need!
In terms of sound quality, digital systems will provide the highest quality sound with virtually no hums or buzzes. In a quiet church environment, extra noise can be especially annoying. In a concert environment or during outdoor services, the ability to hear and be heard are not just instrumental to the success of the production, but often can be key elements in the safety of the production crew and audience alike.
Scalability is a completely different issue because it’s something that can be easily overlooked or disregarded. Yet, in an effort to make your productions better or to service and reach more people, it is often necessary to grow your intercom system. The ability to do so without spending a lot of time, money, and spirit is the essence of scalability.

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