Biamp Supports Hybrid Learning with Simple, Affordable Audiovisual Solutions for K-12 Classrooms

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Biamp™, is supporting cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and consistently great audio experiences in K-12 hybrid and remote classrooms with Devio™ SCR Series signal processors and Parlé™ Beamtracking™ microphones. The Devio SCR Series ensures every student, either at school or at home, can clearly hear and understand classroom instruction, regardless of the teacher’s location in the room. Devio SCR includes Parlé tabletop or ceiling microphones, leveraging Biamp’s patented Beamtracking technology, which tracks and mixes voices intelligently anywhere in the classroom — even as the teacher moves around the space.

“Classroom audio has traditionally been limited to the personal speakers and microphone systems found in computers and mobile devices, which deliver a very poor audio experience if you are not speaking directly into the mic. Now, with so many schools offering hybrid or remote instruction, it’s essential that kids at home can hear the teacher as clearly as if they were in the classroom,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. “Devio SCR delivers crystal-clear audio with a truly plug-and-play installation experience. IT staff can simply connect microphones and speakers to Devio and push the auto setup button. For less than $2,000, this is an affordable, flexible system that ensures a streamlined deployment and an exceptional audio experience for teachers and students, whether they’re in the room or in a remote location.”

PreSonus MicroStation BT Provides Stereo Bluetooth Reception and More for Studio and Consumer Speakers

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Compact, convenient, and stylish, the new PreSonus® MicroStation BT Bluetooth® 5.0 stereo monitor controller receives audio from a phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth source and feeds it to your full-range powered speakers. The MicroStation BT also can be hardwired to a powered subwoofer to create a 2.1 listening environment.

Quickly pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the press of a button. A stereo ⅛-inch input enables hardwiring your audio source when you don’t want to use Bluetooth, and a Bluetooth On/Off button lets you toggle between Bluetooth and analog sources. Balanced left and right ¼-inch TRS inputs route audio from pro audio hardware, such as an audio interface, to your speakers and subwoofer.

KINSMAN Introduce New Products for Broadcasting and Recording

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Kinsman Professional Lavalier Microphones

Clip-on lavalier microphones have always been beneficial within the world of TV and theatre. Now proving more popular than ever for hands-free applications with mobile phones, Kinsman have launched two new lavalier microphones, with connections for Apple and Android devices. Delivery is a crisp open natural sound suitable for professional recording, whilst the design is sleek and unobtrusive with a robust clothing clip.

An excellent choice for broadcasters and presenters, both Kinsman lavalier microphones, are also available with a single high-quality earpiece, for private listening or monitoring…


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The new Audix A127 Omnidirectional Metal Film Condenser Microphone is now shipping. The culmination of years of research and development, the A127 delivers unmatched audio capture for professional studio recording, broadcast, film and sound design.


The A127 features a reference-grade capsule (Type 1 IEC 61094-4 compliant) with a precision-tensioned metal film diaphragm, providing consistent and reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments.

The half-inch size of the diaphragm represents the “sweet spot” for acoustic sound capture, which is why it has become the standard for acoustic measurement. The ultrathin, 3-micron metal film diaphragm provides excellent transient response and a level of detail and realism simply not attainable with conventional diaphragm materials.

Big Performance, Compact Size: Lawo Introduces mc²36 in a 48-Fader Layout

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Lawo’s new second-generation mc²36 audio production console, an incredibly powerful yet compact mixer, is now even more capable with the announcement of a new dual-fader operating bay that allows 48 faders in the same space as a 32-fader board. This makes the new mc²36 even more of an all-rounder for theater, houses of worship, corporate, live and broadcast audio applications – wherever ultra-high audio performance in close quarters is demanded.

With DSP more than doubled from its predecessor, the new mc²36 with built-in A__UHD Core functionality offers 256 processing channels, available at both 48 and 96 kHz, and natively supports ST2110, AES67, RAVENNA, and Ember+. It provides an I/O capacity of 864 channels, with local connections that include 3 redundant IP network interfaces, 16 Lawo-grade mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, 8 AES3 inputs and outputs, 8 GPIO connections, and an SFP MADI port.

HelixNet & LQ Series 4.2 Firmware Builds on Existing Robust Functionality of Both Systems

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Clear-Com’s latest updates to its HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline and LQ® Series of IP Interfaces builds on the company’s reputation of incorporating user feedback into product development in order to continuously improve its product offering, delivering key improvements on both platforms.

The HelixNet 4.2 Firmware Release adds visual communication, two-way radio capability, and a powerful suite of new capabilities for intercom system administrators looking to tailor intercom stations to specific user workflows. LQ IP Interfaces have the unique ability to connect to any type and brand of intercom or audio device over IP, and the new 4.2 update now adds the ability to Save & Restore LQ unit configuration.

HelixNet 4.2

New function features include an “In-Use-Tally” to visually indicate talk activity on individual channels, allowing users to quickly correlate what they hear on their intercom station with individual channels, while also providing a visual cue to those who have removed their headsets or may not be listening.

Create Spatial Audio Anytime, Anywhere with New L-ISA Studio

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L-Acoustics breaks new boundaries with a revamped, innovative approach to the workflow of spatial audio content creation with the new L-ISA Studio software suite and upgraded L-ISA engine. Built with sound designers and mixing engineers in mind, L-ISA Studio is designed for countless creative, immersive audio experiences. Immediately available for download, it takes the power and versatility of the concert-proven L-ISA technology and puts it into the hands of sound creators, allowing them to formulate multidimensional audio wherever and whenever they are ready to create.

“L-ISA Studio grants all sound creators the ability to conceive, create, iterate and experience their work in 3D audio,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, Executive Director, Creative Technologies at L-Acoustics. “It is the perfect tool to work on the pre-production of an L-ISA live show or the sound design of a newly imagined immersive experience – or even mix an album in 7.1.4.”

Point Source Audio Unveils All-New LAVALIER SWITCH KIT

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Delivering the perfect lav miking solution is as easy as one, two, three with the new LAVALIER SWITCH KIT from Point Source Audio. The new kit offers one lavalier mic that transforms into two wearing styles, and into three different color options to help audio technicians meet the ever-changing conditions of miking the talent.

At the heart of the LAVALIER SWITCH KIT is the company’s top-selling IP 57 Waterproof Omnidirectional Lavalier. The mic choice includes a low sensitivity option for live stage applications or a high sensitivity option for studio broadcast. This waterproof mic has a low profile at merely 4mm in diameter, but it embodies all the high-performance characteristics you might expect from a larger format microphone─and it has been a workhorse trusted by sound professionals around the world.

TASCAM Debuts the TM-200SG Shotgun Microphone

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With the introduction of the TM-200SG Shotgun Microphone, TASCAM announces another addition to its expanding line of microphones. The new TM-200SG represents the videographer’s choice for recording audio in the field. As a compact shotgun microphone that is exceptionally well suited for Vlogging, video shooting, plus other applications where fixed audio isn’t an option, the new TM-200SG delivers high-quality, mix ready audio in a rugged, compact form factor.

With its easy to handle, lightweight, and compact design, the TM-200SG delivers maximum audio quality with minimal visual intrusion. Featuring Super cardioid directivity for focused, clean audio capture, the TM-200SG intelligently captures the desired audio while admonishing unwanted sounds—resulting in minimal cleanup in post-production.

TASCAM Introduces the TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone for Personal Podcasting

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TASCAM is pleased to announce the TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone. Designed for capturing crisp, accurate audio when interfaced with personal computers, the TM-250U is the ideal solution for high quality, direct connection computer audio for podcasting, dialog and vocal recording, music recording, conferencing, and other forms of online audio.

The TASCAM TM-250U delivers flawless, detailed audio straight to one’s computer via USB. Featuring a super cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 20Hz〜20kHz, the TM-250U functions via industry-standard USB-C connectors on the Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS platforms.*