PreSonus Studio One 5.5 Update Delivers New Mastering Tools and More

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PreSonus® has released Studio One® 5.5, a major update to its award-winning recording and production software (DAW). Studio One 5.5 adds improvements for production, performance, and especially mastering. The first and still only DAW with an integrated mastering environment, Studio One 5.5’s Project Page is now even more powerful.

The number one user feature request for the Project Page is now available. With Studio One 5.5, the Project Page now provides full track volume, master volume and insert-effects plug-in parameter automation. Write automation in real-time, using a mouse or hardware controller, or by using the powerful Paint Tool. Clip Gain Envelopes have also been added to the Project Page, enabling you to precisely fix gain issues while mastering, without using dynamics plug-ins. Use the new Listen Bus on the Project Page to monitor through your favorite room-correction plug-ins or headphone monitoring tools without affecting the Master output. Free up processing power for complex mastering chains without losing the ability to make adjustments later using Track Transform. It’s all new in Studio One 5.5 Professional.

Column Line Array Loudspeaker, the new Voice-Acoustic VENIA Series

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Voice-Acoustic, German manufacturer of high-quality sound reinforcement systems brings line array physics to a compact column format with the VENIA series. The new series consists of two full-range models: the passive VENIA-6 (4x 6.5″ and 3x 1″) and the bi-amped high-performance column array VENIA-8 (4x 8″ and 4x 1″), which impresses with 140dB sound pressure at only 35kg weight.

The high-frequency drivers are each coupled to a line array waveguide and produce a dispersion angle of 100° horizontally and 0°/-20° vertically via a large horn. The HF section of the VENIA series provides a vertically asymmetrical sound pressure coverage with a plane wavefront. The principle of larger line arrays is transferred to the VENIA loudspeakers in a compact column format: the high-frequency energy is bundled to cover longer distances and the near filed is covered by curving with a lower energy content distributed to a larger area. The result is a very balanced level distribution across the entire listening area with very homogeneous sound distribution.

Royer Labs Announces dBooster2 Two-Channel Signal Booster & DI

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Royer Labs, a leading manufacturer of high-quality ribbon microphones, is pleased to announce its second generation in-line signal booster, the dBooster2. In addition to being an exceptional phantom powered signal booster and impedance buffer for both ribbon and dynamic microphones, the second generation dBooster2 offers independent 2-channel functionality and doubles as a DI to accommodate signal levels for electric guitar, bass, and other unbalanced guitar level sources. With both channels having the ability to serve as an in-line signal booster, a DI, or one channel of each—the dBooster2 makes an outstanding choice for miking low volume sound sources, recording direct to a DAW interface, interfacing with long cable runs to maintain audio quality, or as a DI.

When used as a signal booster, both channels of the dBooster2 increase the level of passive low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones with minimum distortion or coloration. Created for professional applications, the dBooster2’s input stages are designed like the front end of a high-end microphone preamplifier, and you can hear it. Each dBooster2 channel offers two levels of clean gain boost: 12dB or 20dB in Mic Mode, selectable by a front panel switch. The dBooster2’s Class A input presents a high source impedance to microphones, minimizing loading (damping) and improving headroom. By utilizing the 12/20dB gain switch, optimum balance between gain and headroom can be achieved.

Introducing American Audio’s New APX CS8 Column PA System with Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo

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Comprising of an active subwoofer enclosure with an 8-inch driver, a column speaker with four 2.5” neodymium drivers, and two column spacers, the APX CS8 is a versatile AC powered PA system which can be used in a variety of configurations. The column speaker can be connected directly to the sub, creating a very compact full range PA setup which measures just 36.1” (916.6mm) from the ground. Alternatively, one or both of the spacers can be used to lift up the top of the column speaker to a height of 54.6” (1386.6mm) or 73.1” (1856.6mm), respectively. The spacers feature a proprietary connection system, which allows them to lock easily and securely in place, with the audio signal passed through the spacers from the sub to the column speaker meaning that no cable is required.

A class-D amplifier system is built into the sub enclosure, which has a power output of 100W RMS. This drives both the sub-woofer and column speaker array, generating well-balanced audio reproduction that is suitable both for live and recorded music. For smaller venues, a single APX CS8 is ideal for vocal performers, background music or speech amplification. Meanwhile, for larger spaces, two systems can be used simultaneously to create a stereo PA system for live music or DJ performances.

Meyer Sound Announces SSL Live Integration and New DAW Plugins for Spacemap Go

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Meyer Sound has announced integration of key control functions of its Spacemap® Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool into the latest versions of Solid State Logic’s SSL Live V5.0 console software and companion SOLSA PC software for remote control and offline setup. With this software integration, SSL Live users now have immediate fingertip control of Spacemap Go’s extraordinary spatial sound flexibility from the console touchscreen, and they also can synchronize Spacemap Go snapshot recall via the console automation.

“We are delighted to be working with Meyer Sound to incorporate control of their Spacemap Go immersive ecosystem into all SSL Live consoles,” comments Tomos Wise, Product Manager for SSL Live. “SSL has been creating innovative control surfaces for music production for over 50 years, and the partnership with Meyer Sound proudly continues this tradition. The unified console interface allows a user to simultaneously sculpt an artist’s sound and accurately position sources within Spacemap Go for an immersive workflow in any live sound scenario.”

DPA Shines a Spotlight on Next-Gen Broadcast Mics

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DPA Microphones is highlighting its latest microphone solutions, designed to meet the growing live production needs of the broadcast and AV markets. As the rapid adoption of live streaming continues to grow in broadcast applications, speech intelligibility remains at the forefront of all productions. In recognition of the changes in the media landscape, DPA recently released important broadcast mic solutions, the 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones, and the 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone and Interview Kit.

“The pandemic has shown us the true importance of being quickly and easily adaptable to a rapidly changing media landscape,” says Anne Berggrein, vice president, marketing, DPA Microphones A/S. “These new offerings are a direct result of the innovation and forward-thinking response to the industry, and we are excited to call attention to the benefits they provide to the broadcast market.”

Focusrite Once Again Offers Hitmaker Expansion Software/Plug-in Bundle, Now Bigger Than Ever

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Hitmaker Expansion is a software/plug-in bundle originally included free with Focusrite Clarett products in the fall of 2020. Now, Hitmaker Expansion is back, featuring more tools for more interface users, including Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen, Clarett+, Clarett USB and Red. Focusrite Scarlett has already helped make more records than any other range of interfaces in the world, and now anyone can complete their recording studio with this new suite of plug-ins and software.

Create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys and huge drums, then mix and master with iconic Focusrite studio hardware – all in the box with your Scarlett 3rd Gen, Clarett or Red interface. Get inspired and capture ideas with Softube Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555, Antares Auto-Tune® Access, Brainworx bx_oberhausen and XLN Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock Kit. Mix and master with classic studio tools like Relab LX480 Essentials, Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite, Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC and bx_masterdesk.

Biamp Launches Parlé Audio and Video Conferencing Bars

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Biamp® a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, today announced the launch of Parlé™ audio and video conferencing bars, a line of professional-grade audiovisual conferencing solutions for small to medium-sized rooms. Leveraging Biamp’s 40 years of audiovisual expertise, Parlé conferencing bars combine Beamtracking™ microphones, smart loudspeakers, advanced signal processing, an optional 4K camera with auto-framing, and Biamp Launch, the company’s automated deployment and tuning technology, into one plug-and-play speaker bar that delivers a premium conferencing experience.

“The explosion of unified communications deployments across businesses of all sizes has made it essential that all conference rooms are outfitted with high-quality audiovisual technology to ensure the best experience for users — and IT departments are seeking complete meeting room solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. “Parlé conferencing bars are groundbreaking in that they incorporate all of Biamp’s latest innovations in audiovisual technology, ensuring the best possible meeting experience for all participants, as well as an incredibly simple set up process that’s as easy as plugging in one cable and pressing the Launch button. The result is a sleek, all-in-one conferencing bar, offering professional-grade performance unmatched in the market.”

Roland Announces JX-08 and JD-08 Sound Modules

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Roland announces the JX-08 and JD-08 Sound Modules, the latest additions to the award-winning Roland Boutique lineup of compact electronic instruments. The JX-08 offers a scaled-down recreation of the JX-8P, one of the last analog synthesizers produced by Roland in the 1980s and a highly sought-after piece for vintage synth fans. The JD-08 is a compact reproduction of Roland’s JD-800 synthesizer, an influential digital instrument from the early 1990s loved for its complex, gleaming sound and comprehensive hands-on control.

In 1985, Roland’s innovative JX-8P took hybrid keyboard design to the next level, fusing analog synthesis with precision digital control. Top session players instantly embraced its compelling new voice, forever embedding the instrument’s warm pads, shimmery chorus, and crystalline textures into the most popular songs of the era. The JX-08 reintroduces the unique sounds of the JX-8P in stunning detail, coupled with powerful new effects, a polyphonic sequencer, and more.

Latest Product Updates from DPA Microphones

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DPA Microphones is pleased to release a new accessory, the MS4099 Mic Stand Mount, for its renowned 4099 CORE Instrument Mic. The company has also begun shipping the anticipated brown version of its new 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones.

A sturdy and flexible solution for mounting the 4099 onto any mic stand, the MS4099 can be used on both three-eighths inch and five-eighths inch threads. Borrowed from the design of other DPA mounting options, the barrel of the MS4099 mic holder makes it quick and easy to attach or remove the microphone. In addition, the mount can be turned for vertical or horizontal use, pending application. It is also compatible with the brand’s 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun.