Stage Audio Works delivers full solution for Die Bron Church

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Stage Audio Works’ Cape Town office has helped to enhance the services at Die Bron Church and Theatre with new audio, video and lighting solutions throughout its campus. The project called for a campus-wide integrated solution and saw Stage Audio Works partner with Gearworx for the installation.
“Die Bron Church required a complete solution, covering AV, audio and lighting,” recalls Jerome Gideon from Stage Audio Works’ Cape Town office. “The client wanted the best solution for their budget and to make operation as easy as possible. They also wanted to make sure that no matter where you were seated within the venue, you could hear every spoken word clearly.”
To meet this brief, Stage Audio Works designed a wide-reaching solution, drawing on the strengths of many of the brands it represents. Starting with the audio solution in the theatre, the main PA comprises eight d&b audiotechnik 10AL line array cabinets, with a pair of 18S-SUBs and the same number of B22 subwoofers providing low end reinforcement. Delays are in the form of eight d&b E8 cabinets with power for the audio solution from the German manufacturer’s 10D and 30D amplifiers. On stage, performers use Sennheiser EW500 wireless microphones, while monitoring is available via Sennheiser EW300 in-ear monitors or dBTechnologies Flexsys FM12 wedges. Completing the audio signal chain is a Yamaha QL5 digital mixing console and Rio3224 stage box.

Great Lakes Christian Church Demands the Natural Reproduction of Danley Loudspeakers

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Great Lakes Christian Church in Warren, Michigan has been in its beautiful 500-seat sanctuary for nearly forty years. Its outlook and services are decidedly traditional, with music performed by an all-volunteer orchestra of musicians from 17 to 76 years old. As it slowly became clear that the original sound reinforcement system’s many problems would be solvable with a new system, the Great Lakes Christian Church members came up with a cost-effective plan to install a new system by performing much of the labor themselves. Regional AVL integration firm Advanced Lighting & Sound, of Troy, Michigan, assisted with the design, installation, and commissioning, settling on Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers for their famously natural reproduction.

Danley Sound Labs Delivers Crystal-Clear Intelligibility on a Tight Budget at Saint Barnabas Catholic Church

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Saint Barnabas Catholic Church is a vital social anchor and community-builder in an economically-challenged section of Birmingham, Alabama. Its beautiful sanctuary was constructed in the early 1950s, and, although the room itself is still in excellent shape, the sound reinforcement system that went in fifty years ago was not. The room can accommodate 300 people, but congregants routinely avoided all of the middle pews because it was impossible to understand what was being said, and intelligibility toward the front and back was still challenging at best. Local AV integration firm ENG AV designed and installed a simple but remarkably effective Danley Sound Labs loudspeaker system comprised of two Danley SM100 loudspeakers and four small Danley Nano loudspeakers for choir and stage monitors.
“Many of our parishioners are older, and hearing can be a challenge for them even under the best of circumstances,” explained Father Douglas Vu, who, in addition to leading Saint Barnabas, volunteers his time as a sports commentator. Father Vu’s boundless energy and enthusiasm have made him a local celebrity in the Birmingham area. He continued, “Our parish is located in a poorer neighborhood of Birmingham, and money is always an issue. That’s why I was happy to work with Gary [Boackle] at ENG AV. I trusted that he would deliver a custom-built system that would solve our intelligibility problems for the most affordable price.”

SSL Consoles Deliver The Right Mix At Parkway Pentecostal Church

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Mississippi, USA – Parkway Pentecostal Church in Madison County, Mississippi, regularly holds dynamic worship and live broadcast services for its hundreds of regular worshippers. In their quest to provide a more dynamic audio experience for their congregation, the church recently invested in an SSL L200 console and an SSL SiX mixer in time for its annual Apostolic Conference, enabling their volunteer-based technical team to put on flawless live services.
Founded in 1991, Parkway Pentecostal Church has been steadily growing its numbers ever since. “We have a 46,000 square-foot auditorium, and we have not only our local church in Madison, but a fairly large broadcast audience that joins us weekly,” said Parkway’s music director, Serena Lentz. “One of the main things that we wanted to improve was our broadcast quality; we were very dissatisfied with what we were sending out over the airways.”
After Porche Advanced Systems showed Lentz the benefits of the SSL L200 and how it could be utilized along with the SiX compact console, Parkway Pentecostal Church decided to switch to the new consoles right away.

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First Assembly Church strikes a chord with d&b Soundscape

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Asheville, NC 9.3.19—At a time when the background noise in audio is all about three dimensional sound and immersive experiences, arguably an extravagance suited to famous concert halls and exotic experimental music, it is contrary to the flow that we should encounter a d&b audiotechnik Soundscape system being applied at a church in Calgary, Alberta.

Danley Sound Labs’ Column-Form SBH-10 Loudspeakers Install Easily and Deliver Phenomenal Sound at St. Leo the Great Church

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LINCROFT, NEW JERSEY: St. Leo the Great Church was established in Lincroft, New Jersey over sixty years ago during the area’s suburban boom of the late 1950s. Its beautiful sanctuary seats approximately 800 people but provides tough acoustics for intelligibility, a problem that had previously been dealt unsatisfactorily with several lines of delay loudspeakers. Recently, local AV integration firm Concept Professional Systems designed and installed a beautifully simple new sound reinforcement system at St. Leo the Great Church. Ditching the delays and relying on Danley Sound Labs’ famous pattern control and phase-coherent, long distance throw, the church now enjoys intelligible speech and lively music reinforcement from the front pew to the back pew.

Renkus-Heinz Makes a Night and Day Difference at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

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Feasterville, PA-July 2019… Sometime around 1730, John Feaster and his wife Rachel migrated from Holland to what is now Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Today, the Pennsylvania Turnpike runs through the community of about 3,600 people, located roughly halfway between Philadelphia and Trenton, that bears Feaster’s name.
A half dozen blocks north of the turnpike, in downtown Feasterville, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church offers two traditional services each Sunday. Should you attend, you’ll hear every word clearly, thanks to the Renkus-Heinz loudspeaker system that AV contractor Steeple Sound installed in 2018. Your aural experience would have been quite different just a couple of years ago.
“This is the third sound system that the church has had,” recounts Steeple Sound’s Gary Creely, who designed the new Renkus-Heinz-based sound system. “The first system used the older column-style speakers, mounted on the side walls. A little later, they went to a speaker that was really close to the ceiling, so it was exciting all the surfaces up there. You were getting very little direct sound, except for a small portion of the room, and you were hearing all of the reflections off of that large ceiling area.”

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Vacation Entertainment Delivers Even More Fun with DPA Microphones

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ALLEROED, DENMARK, JULY 23, 2019 – The Entertainment Department, a company that specializes in creating and implementing live shows and bespoke entertainment for the vacation sector, has brokered an investment in DPA technology by ordering 77 d:fine™ CORE 4288 Headset Microphones on behalf of TUI Group.

The headsets, which were supplied by London-based DPA dealer LMC Audio, are now being used across 12 TUI Group ‘Holiday Village’ resorts worldwide. Others are also being used on the Marella Cruise Explorer fleet of ships, for which the on-ship entertainment offering is also provided by tedgroup.

“Earlier this year, we were asked to re-write the technical specification for TUI’s Holiday Village resorts, a brand that has long been renowned for using innovative technology such as LED