New Technologies for Powering Today’s HoW

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Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…
Best Practices for Worship Spaces of Any Size

 By Alan Tschirner

Audio, video, and lighting technology is continuing to evolve, presenting houses of worship with exciting new opportunities to transform their facilities into more captivating spaces for services or any other congregation-related activities. But in order to fully embrace the market’s newest sound and lighting advances, churches have a lot to consider in terms of power distribution and electrical support for LED lighting systems, video walls, projection solutions, sound systems, and much more.

In this article, we’ll describe some best practices for implementing today’s most exciting A/V and lighting technologies in small, medium, and large worship spaces.

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Featured Product

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edx_pressphotoGalaxy Audio’s EDX Series

The EDX Series is a dual channel, frequency agile wireless microphone system with a 200-foot range. The EDX features 16 selectable UHF channels on each receiver, IR Sync from transmitters to the receiver and 2 internal antennas (1 for each receiver). The receiver has one ¼” output and two discrete XLRM outputs on the back of the receiver. The output is controlled by a volume control for each receiver, located on the front of the unit, along with AF / RF and channel indicators. Choice of transmitters include the HH38 Handheld Mic and the MBP38 Body Pack Transmitter with choice of headset microphone or lavalier.

Street Price Starting at $199.99 and includes choice of two transmitters

Availability: Currently Shipping

How to Choose the Right Room Display for HoW

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Five Tips from Epson to Help Determine the Best Display – Projector or Flat Panel – for Small- to Medium-Sized Rooms


How do you choose between a flat panel display or a projector? Having the most cutting edge technology, increasing meeting productivity and maximizing room space are often key factors in the decision making process. When considering the right tools to enable your staff to work most efficiently, Epson is providing businesses, IT and facility managers with five tips to keep in mind before making a purchasing decision.

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Infrared, Frequency/Digital Modulation, and Induction Hearing Loops

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A comparison of assisted listening system technologies

By Dr. Carol Meyers

Hearing aids are remarkable. They help people with hearing loss engage in conversation with friends and family, even in crowded environments. They restore the ability to enjoy the pleasant sounds of life — birds chirping, children laughing, the everyday sounds —paper rustling, heels tapping — and the less pleasant but necessary noises —car horns beeping, sirens blaring. Hearing aids are truly modern miracles that pack very sophisticated technology and sound processing into the smallest of devices.

hearingloopBut sometimes hearing aids alone aren’t enough. Much like regular tires are perfectly good for cars in the warmer months but snow tires are needed to drive in challenging winter conditions, hearing aids need a boost in situations where speakers are situated far from audiences, or a play is being held in a large auditorium where ambient noise interferes with speech, like during a graduation ceremony. That’s where assistive listening technology comes into play. Hearing aid wearers aren’t usually seeking more amplification when in public venues. What they need is better speech understanding, and the ability to suppress background noises while bringing speech to the forefront.

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Black Rock Congregational Church, Fairfield, CT, rocks on!
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HOW-TO Workshops Live Sound Training

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Coming Up from How-To Workshops

howtosoundThe nationally-recognized HOW-TO Workshops provide hands-on training for church sound and Praise team volunteers and staff. Now in their 14th year the workshops tour to 36 cities each year with over $125,000 in live sound equipment with the sole purpose of training church teams in the art and operation of live sound equipment. The HOW-TO Workshops are the leading providers of live sound training for worship and higher education in North America.

Upcoming Workshops:

Bethel Church, 1705 Todd Lane, Hampton, VA 23666. Saturday, August 23, 2014; 9 AM-6 PM

Family of Faith UMC, 801 Bellefontaine Avenue, Lima, OH 45801. Saturday, September 6, 2014; 9 AM-6 PM

Destiny Christian Church, 2161 Forrest Avenue, Dover, DE 19904. Saturday, September 20, 2014; 9 AM-6 PM.

In addition to the community-based, day-long workshop, the HOW-TO Workshops also offer private Tune-Up sessions for individual churches and a three-day Boot Camp session for churches and worship organizations needing more in-depth training. See more at or call 732-741-1275 or e-mail

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by Bob Langlois

Listening-EarsI wish I could take credit for coining the term the “Art/ Science Line” but, alas I cannot. My years at Meyer Sound Labs lodged it into my brain. It is a concept so important though, that if taken to heart by churches and performance venues across the nation and around the world, they could tell the wheat from the chaff. It would stop half the fraud that is so rampant in our industry among churches, theaters and places that use sound reinforcement. I no longer work at MSLI but what I’ve learned from being there and working for the legends who have built this industry will echo in my mind as long as I am in this business. The art of designing a sound system is really very simple. Does it meet and conform to GODs laws of physics or not (uh-oh math). There is no such thing as “Magic Ears”. Feelings do not count. Describing sound through colors does not cut it and yes I have heard that conversation more than a time or two. My favorite is, “I read it on the internet”. That is also the favorite saying of every 22 year old ever put in charge of an audio system.

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Educational Training at Church Media U

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Church Media UChurch Media U is a one-day seminar for HoW media volunteers and pro’s that tours the country helping to equip churches to understand and use their visual media technology better.

Changes in projection technology, lighting and content development have created a huge opportunity that the HoW have only just begun to tap. It is more affordable than ever to literally transform a room into a truly sacred-feeling place as we lift eyes, voices and hearts in worship to God. It is also easier than ever to create a lot of visual noise that distracts from the purpose of ministry.
Church Media U wants to help you embrace the one and avoid the other.

The two questions they hear most are these: What equipment hardware and software does our church need now? And/or: Now that we’ve got all of this awesome equipment, what in the world should we do with it?

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Lighting the Way by Brad Herring If you are looking for an intuitive lighting control surface and cost-effective prices, the Jands Vista should be top on your list. The Jands …