Elation Stage and Broadcast Lighting for UK’s Bridge Street Community Church

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bridge-st-community-church_1Bridge Street Community Church in Leeds, UK, has opened up a new worship building and outfitted the space with Elation Professional stage and broadcast lighting, designed, supplied and installed by Wigwam Acoustics. The new purpose-built Bridge Community Church is a multipurpose building catering for conferences and live events, as well as weekly church services. The newly completed development provides the church with a comprehensive community center that includes a 1000-capacity auditorium, café and other facilities.

“We use Elation products on all of our lighting installations due to the finished result and also the price of the units compared to similar products,” stated Tim Mortimer, Installations Manager at Wigwam Acoustics. Wigwam has a well established reputation for work in churches and cathedrals, so was well placed to design, supply and install a comprehensive stage lighting package for the auditorium. Wigwam also completed a state-of-the-art audiovisual installation across the development.

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Old Fort Church Builds with Community

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untitledNew Audio System Provides Even Coverage, High Speech Intelligibility and Great Music Quality

Describing itself as “a real-life community on the move,” Old Fort Church completed its new building in time for Easter services in 2016. The church’s 300-seat worship center features modern video and lighting systems and a high-performance audio system with Community I SERIES loudspeakers.

Old Fort Church holds two worship services each Sunday. The first is a “blended experience” with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship styles. The second is a “modern experience” featuring videos and contemporary Christian music led by a praise band.

According to Worship Arts Leader Mike Sooy, music plays a very important part in both services, and great sound was therefore a priority for the new facility. “We wanted to take things to the next level,” he said. Sooy also emphasized the importance of speech clarity. “If they can’t hear the message,” he continued, “what’s the point?”

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Mackie DL32R a Blessing for La Junta Church of the Nazarene

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untitledLocated on U.S. Highway 50, about 60 miles east of Pueblo, the town of La Junta is home to about 5,000 residents. Approximately 230-almost 5 percent of the population-are members of the La Junta Church of the Nazarene, and the congregation continues to grow.

The church’s contemporary-style services include a full praise band, and sound reinforcement had long been a challenge, due

to a very outdated system that fell far short of their needs. “The previous system had old, mostly blown speakers that should have been replaced ten years ago, two mediocre outboard EQs, and a crossover that was not doing anything,” recalls Lucas Lafferty, co-owner of systems integrator DK Audio Video of Colorado Springs. Lafferty’s team specified a new system, including a 1,600 watt Mackie HD1801 subwoofer with an 18-inch speaker that delivered all of the sub-lows required.

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Tech, No Babel: Live Video Production – The Language of Transitions

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the-language-of-transitions-1024x576This past Sunday, I was running propresenter and we had a new director in the chair next to me. Midway through the service, I noticed he was using the “auto-trans” button exclusively. He didn’t cut at all.

New directors (and most churches, which tend to have self-taught, or local directors) tend to think that music demands a cross-dissolve “because it’s smooth.” While I won’t argue with the smoothness of a good cross dissolve, I will argue that music, especially needs it.

Look around at your experience. Have you ever instantaneously moved from point A to point B, several feet away, without moving through the distance in between? No. Our brains don’t notice cuts (unless we’re specifically looking for them or the ones causing them) because there’s nothing in our experience to train us to look for a situation where you’re one place and then another without the movement between the places.

Now, slowly close your eyes and open them again. Maybe tomorrow morning open them and wipe the gunk from a night’s rest. This is more like a dissolve. You’ll notice a dissolve because it’s more like what you do all the time.

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This Is What a Tech-Savvy Church Looks Like

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untitledYou’ll be hard-pressed to find a churchgoer who carries a Bible to Church at the Springs on Sundays—and lead pastor Ron Sylvia doesn’t mind.

At “the Springs,” as it’s known—a multisite church based in Ocala, Fla.—most of its 3,000 or so members follow along during services with the YouVersion Bible app on their phones. Up front, Sylvia teaches from an iPad. Toss in contemporary-rock worship music, state-of-the-art LED screens, and Text to Give software (to simplify tithing), and it’s not difficult to see how the
pastor has cultivated such a following. “I don’t want people to step into a time warp to meet God,” Sylvia says. “The message will never change, but the method must. And our method is our delivery system.”

The 57-year-old pastor, a self-professed lover of numbers and technology, was studying for a bachelor’s degree in accounting when he entered the church ministry at age 21. What followed was two decades of trial and experimentation as Sylvia—moved by “a clear calling to start a contemporary church”—founded Church at the Springs in 1994.

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CHAUVET Professional Educational Session Draws Diverse Crowd

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ChurchProductionA large and diverse mix of church technicians and worship leaders from four states came to Tabernacle of Praise in suburban Atlanta to participate in an educational tech session sponsored by CHAUVET Professional and Church Production magazine. The first in what will become an ongoing series of “Church Production Live!” seminars, the event covered a variety of lighting, video and audio issues involving churches today.

Also included in the daylong session was a detailed account of Tabernacle of Praise’s experience converting from an incandescent stage lighting system to an all CHAUVET Professional LED system. Brad Lyons of dB Audio, who also serves as the tech director of the large Atlanta-area church, described how it replaced 20 incandescent stage lighting fixtures with 25 CHAUVET LED fixtures and reduced its number of 20 amp circuits from 11 to seven in the process.

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Beaverton Foursquare Upgrades with RCF

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untitledBeaverton Foursquare is a contemporary church serving the Beaverton, Oregon area for over 50 years. The church holds three services on Sundays, with an average total attendance of 4,500 weekly. The Spirit-filled church offers a worship style that is a mixture of contemporary music along with a fresh take on the great hymns of the church. To serve those needs, the facility recently reached out to Hillsboro, Oregon-based Small Town Productions for a solution.

“When we first approached the church about a system upgrade, we demonstrated the RCF HDL20-A two-way dual 10” line arrays,” says Small Town Productions owner Russell Havlik, “Heads turned and grins started beaming.

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