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  By Stephen Bailey This has been an amazing era for studio engineers. With the emergence of increasingly powerful laptop computers, inexpensive I/O, and advanced DAWs and audio plugins, artists …

TFWM Live Event Experience at Infocomm2015

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Digital Projection partners withthe TFWM Live Events Pavilion at Infocomm 2015, showcasing their HIGHlite Laser projector.

DPI_HIGHliteLASER_0415-sizedRemarkably bright, the HIGHlite Laser delivers a stunning 11,000 lumens from a 20,000 hour illumination source. Developed with a “Set it and Forget it” directive, the HIGHlite LASER delivers an inspiring imaging solution for Worship venues.  The robust list of features include lamp-free illumination, high-bandwidth functionality supporting frame rates up to 144 Hz, and diverse inputs such as HDBaseT.

The appeal for Worship venues is obvious:  bright, stable and color-accurate imagery with remarkably low lifetime costs of ownership. DPI’s Laser projectors can run in an almost unlimited positioning range, including portrait, straight up at the ceiling and straight down at the floor.  So they’re remarkably easy to install and maintain.

For a schedule of Pavilion Events and performances, click here.

For more information and to register for the Worship Education Program, click here.


Other Live Event Experience Partners

BexelTSS, DPA Microphones, Kramer Electronics, LAWO,
ProCo (RapcoHorizon), Renkus-Heinz and Skylark Audio Video


Free Floor Pass for Infocomm 2015 Now Available

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Enter VIP Code TFWM15 during registration where prompted, when entering your contact information.  You must click apply after entering the code.

Technologies for Worship Magazine, in partnership with Church Tech Leaders and Infocomm, will also be offering Education Seminars. For a complete list of seminars click here.

Visit for free hands-on seminars, live worship bands and new technology from DPA, Digitial Projection (DPI), Kramer, LAWO, RapcoHorizon, Renkus-Heinz, and Skylark Audio.

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Renewed Vision Graces Passion 2015

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How Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer 2 contributed to the Passion 2015 live Christian multimedia extravaganza

Passion 2015 StagingWith spectacular staging, big-screen displays, theatrical lighting, all-encompassing sound and close to 20,000 spectators at every event, this year’s Passion Conference—Passion 2015—looked more like a major rock concert than a religious event. But the Passion 2015 event is actually three full days of music, inspirational speeches, video, lights and stagecraft designed to bring 18 to 25 year olds closer to Jesus Christ.

An annual event since 1997, the Passion Tour has grown exponentially, with this year’s conference presenting three separate events this winter to sold-out crowds at Philips Arena in Atlanta over the course of two weekends, and the Toyota Center in Houston. The Houston event was also streamed over the Internet, allowing roughly 40,000 more viewers to virtually attend this high profile, influential Christian event.

Passion 2015 leveraged world-class staging and multimedia technology, powered by Renewed Vision graphics and video playback software, to deliver the teachings of the Gospel and Christ with impact. While Christian musicians and inspirational speakers performed on Passion’s massive stage-in-the-round, a very intense, dramatic light show enveloped the talent. The stunning lighting effects included four ribbon lift platforms on stage that elevated lighting gear 30 feet high to shine down from above; a giant cross made of 90 red laser beams that floated above the stage; and bright LED lights shining up through transparent sections of the stage.

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Elation Lighting & Video Enhances “The Thorn”

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Popular touring Passion Play made even more inspirational using state-of-the-art entertainment technology

The Thorn_4-sizedPassion Plays, traditional theatrical depictions of the life and death of Jesus, have been an Easter season staple for centuries and the modern-day touring production “The Thorn,” with a full Elation lighting and LED video package, is arguably one of the best.

“The Thorn,” which has been staged yearly since 1998, breaks from ritual and adopts a more dramatic form, fusing Cirque du Soleil-type aerials, martial arts and state-of-the-art entertainment technology with emotionally powerful performances. This year, the play raised the visual drama even further through use of a dynamic package of Elation Platinum Series and LED-based moving heads, LED Par and effect lights, and LED video displays with haze and special fog effects from Antari.

Illuminate Production Services (www.lightingips.com) of Sacramento provided nearly all of the lighting equipment, labor and production management for the five-week, five-state tour, which was out throughout March and was seen by nearly 75,000 people. Each year more than 60 professional and volunteer cast and crew join “The Thorn” to take the show on the road. In each city, the touring cast and crew is joined by hundreds of local actors and artists to bring the story to life.

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TFWM Live Event Experience at Infocomm2015

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procp-logo-smallPartner Profile:

ProCo Sound / The RapcoHorizon Company



ProCo Sound, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of A/V, data and telecomm cables and interfacing products. Comprising ProCo, RoadHog and StageMASTER, each brand has a reputation of reliability, and superior performance.
Used worldwide by touring companies, A/V contractors, studios, system integrators, audiophiles and musicians, ProCo’s products provide optimal flexibility and premium performance.

ProCo’s state-of-the-art custom metal shop can modify products or build new devices for any need.

For a schedule of Pavilion Events and performances, click here.

For more information and to register for the Worship Education Program, click here.


Other Live Event Experience Partners

BexelTSS, Digital Projection International (DPI), Kramer Electronics, LAWO,
ProCo (RapcoHorizon), Renkus-Heinz and Skylark Audio Video


Mixing Your Lighting Fixtures

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Tips from a Pro

JourneyChurchAs LEDs become more and more prevalent in HoW lighting, it becomes increasingly important to understand how to mix conventional lighting fixtures with your LEDs.  Steven Hall, Lighting and Scenic Director at Journey Church, Norman, OK, shares his suggestions.

TFWM: Give us an overview of LEDs vs conventional lighting for HoW.

Steven: It’s pretty obvious that LEDs have been good for the lighting industry – you can get very bright fixtures capable of lots of colors relatively cheaply and easily.  LEDs are perfect for lighting scenic pieces and walls, providing area washes with lots of color, and are great because they save on maintenance.  You will never have to replace a lamp, and they’re a lot easier on power.  LEDs are also more flexible than conventional lights; because they offer more colors in one fixture.  With this you don’t need as many lights, which means less fixtures, less combined hanging weight, less rigging, etc. However, most LEDs are not quite ready for front lighting yet.  The few good LED front lights that are out are a bit too expensive for most churches.  Traditional Lekos are better and cheaper for front light; they just seem to provide better flesh tones, and are typically a much more even source.

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Infocomm 2015 Worship Education Program

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Join Technologies for Worship Magazine and our partners, Church Tech Leaders and Infocomm, for over three days of seminars geared specifically to Houses of Worship.

June 18, 2015
8:00 am
Creating a Strong Volunteer Core: Working with Strengths
Marcus Hammond, Stark Raving Solutions

Most churches facilitate worship services solely with technical volunteers. This session will provide practical insight and simple solutions for finding, training, and maintaining a volunteer production crew with a passion for technical excellence. Discovering the formula that continually drives volunteers to the next level is the key to building a technical team at your church that wins – in this session, we’ll discuss a functional way to find that formula and maximize the strengths of your team.

June 18, 2015
Building a Lighting System for Houses of Worship
Stephen Ellison, Lighting Designer, Stark Raving Solutions

Lighting systems have entered a new era, gone are systems designed around dimmers and tungsten fixtures. Now the fixtures want power and data, so relays and data distribution rules. Learn about power distribution via relays and how much data do you really need. Ways to design a system that is small yet can grow large without major rewiring.

Other seminars include:

  • Lighting 101: From Systems to Design (half day session)
  • Choosing the Best Audio Network for Your Needs
  • Environmental Projection and How it Works
  • Video Creation to Completion (from Storyboards to Final Edits)

For a complete list of seminars, and to register, please click here.

Also, make sure to visit the Technologies for Worship Pavilion, booth 6878 on the show floor, for free hands-on workshops and live worship band performances.  Technical experts will be available to answer your questions.

If you have any questions, please call Michelle Makariak, Editor at 705-500-4978, or Darryl Kirkland, Publisher, at 905-690-4709.

Partners include: DPA Microphones, Digital Projection International (DPI), Kramer Electronics, LAWO, ProCo (RapcoHorizon), Renkus-Heinz and Skylark Audio Video.

PLASA Focus: Kansas City Opens in Four Weeks; hosting a Top-notch Speaker Line up

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2015FocusKansasCityLogo-webIn just a few weeks, the highly regarded PLASA Focus events series will open at the Kansas City Convention Center, May 20-21. Once again, over two days, PLASA Focus will offer hands-on, up close views of products and services from over 35 leading manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and industry leaders and offer over 15 top seminars, including hands-on training, all completely free to attend.

Says PLASA Events show manager Laura Hoepker, “As a trade organization by the industry and for the industry, PLASA looks forward to another successful Focus show in Kansas City and providing another unique, targeted business and networking opportunity to both PLASA members and to regional buyers.

Between the show floor and educational seminars, we are providing access to the best in the industry to everyone who attends.”

Learn more.