BOSE Panaray Floor Monitors and Subwoofers

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BOSE Makes Worship Come Alive

by Joe Cichon

Growing up in audio, I have always respected the BOSE product line and recognized their high standards and quality. Years ago, the standard for live sound was a BOSE 802 as an entry level array for upscale projects and now BOSE’s new audio products are heard everywhere. Most noticeable is their rapid usage in the Houses of Worship market – and I know why! Our newly remodeled facility at BlackRock Church, Fairfield, CT, chose BOSE as the backbone of our audio system. Their revolutionary RoomMatch and PowerMatch series of products provides us rock solid sound through our campus, from the sanctuary right on through to the children’s ministry rooms. BOSE delivers uncompromised sound that provides consistent clarity and level in every seat. Let me give you a brief explanation of how YOU can take away a win in your church by employing great acoustics, extraordinary clarity on every level and within any size room.

Installed Systems

BOSE offers a great amount of choices at varying prices, ranges and qualities that meet a wide variety of needs. Having the advantage of listening to the best line arrays over the last 30 years, I’d say that I have discernment of what is appropriately categorized as great sound. In our new facility, I was tasked with all the selection/quality of all our new technology. Our new room seats 950, so the sound is critical. I listened, viewed and discussed hundreds of products in the process of our remodel, as nothing was more important than our sound system choice. BOSE new RoomMatch, PowerMatch and Progressive Directive Arrays made our selection easy.

Full Range Coverage to Every Seat

With BOSE providing 42 modules that respond to the highest performance requirements, the choice was gratifying. With proper measurement, selection, hang points and power amps, BOSE was able to provide the most articulate and uncompromised listening environment, exceeding our every need. Every seat, including our theatre seating section, enjoys the benefit of having the same audio response, giving us the ability to deliver our music and message with confidence. We needed to focus on the attendees experience in every aspect of our service, so our new BOSE sound system is the “win” we were looking for. We’ve had NO comments about sound variance and displacement, and people leave actually commenting on the clarity of the sound – so we know they’re listening. The RoomMatch and PowerMatch products are scalable and provide the backend of this system. No line noise or artifacts are present. Our effects are clean and concise, resulting in better sound mixes. Once the system was set up, we didn’t have to do anything else with it – the sound is spectacular week after week.

The new BOSE Subwoofers, located in the face of our new stage are subtle, smooth and responsive. 4 dual/18” (-10 db) 25 Hz – 250 Hz boxes fi ll our space with real, genuine low end that is easily controlled. With a handling power of 6000 W (3000 W per woofer) ensure the most demanding performance. Whether orchestra, video to techno and full band they cover it all.

BOSE Monitors

Josephs reportThe new BOSE Panaray floor monitors are as clear and concise as I have ever heard. 55 Hz -18 kHz, 40° H x 120° and 113 dB SPL ensure quality coverage. Like most HoWs, we use a combination of in-ear and wedge support. The monitors actually resist feedback and distortion making it easier to provide a quality FOH mix. Clean and articulate sound on stage is a must and these deliver.

Longevity has its benefi ts. You get to know just what IS great sound. BOSE has captured every ounce of precision, articulation, and audio dynamics that allow for what can only be described as uncompromised audio production. From their entry level products, all the way to groundbreaking Progressive Directive Arrays BOSE once again establish itself once again as “The Choice” for all our HoW needs.

Joseph Cichon is the Technical Director at Black Rock Church, Fairfield, Connecticut, and the driving force behind