Bluebell Opticom at ISE 2016

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Bluebell Opticom at ISE 2016
Stand 11-C65

TDM750 HD-SDI Module with Ethernet Fibre Interface
Making its debut at ISE 2016 is the TDM750, a rack-mounted solution for the transport of HD-SDI and 100BaseT Ethernet signals. Requiring only two fibres with an option for single-fibre operation, the TDM750 is perfect for smaller robotic/POV camera systems that require only a single video path and bidirectional data via Ethernet. The unit can be used in concert halls, broadcast, and security applications.

BC and BN Series of Stand-Alone Converters
The BC and BN Series allows customers to choose the signals they need in convenient, robust, throw-down packaging that can be ordered in multi-mode, single-mode, and CWDM variations.

BC323 — The BC323 converts two independent 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or ASI signals onto fibre. Each signal is then received, auto-sensed, equalized, and reclocked prior to conversion back into an electrical signal. This product is ideal for the point-to-point transfer of high-bandwidth signals over fibre.

BC550 — The BC550 is similar to the BC323 but also includes a reverse path for audio or control data on a second fibre. The BC550 is perfect for adding cost-effective fibre I/O to compact remote robotic camera systems.

BN623 — The BN623 features two bidirectional analogue audio signals, plus control data and GPIs, over two fibres. The BN623 is ideally suited for linking audio intercom panels remotely over fibre. The BN623 is a perfect complement to the BC323 and BC550 modules.

WB170 for Compact, 1RU 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and ASI Transport
The WB170 is an ultra-compact, 19″ rack-mount media converter for the conversion of up to 32 independent 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or ASI signals onto fibre. The WB170 can be populated with either WB172 transmitter or receiver cards that are inserted in the front of the frame. Each incoming signal on a WB172T is auto-sensed, equalised, and then reclocked prior to conversion and transmission onto a separate single optical fibre. The WB172R receives the optical signal and electrically reclocks it. The WB172 is available in multi-mode, single-mode, WDM, and CWDM variants to suit any fibre application.

Bluebell Opticom will also be introducing the new WB172-63 cards that allow for format conversion and HDMI monitoring within the WB170 frame.

Company Quote:

“We will be showcasing several of our fibre-based solutions for the efficient and cost-effective transport of AV signals. Both our throw-down and rack-mount solutions are accepted around the globe for applications ranging from basic point-to-point transport to mission-critical networked architectures. Come see for yourself in Amsterdam.”
— Paul McCann, Managing Director, Bluebell Opticom

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