Audio Analysts is now Solotech

In Industry Newsby tfwm

Las Vegas – François Ménard and Denis Lefrançois, Montreal-based Co-Presidents of Solotech, announces the purchase of privately-held Audio Analysts of Colorado Springs for an undisclosed sum.

Solotech established a major facility in Las Vegas three years ago to reinforce their presence in the U.S. market. The company is one of the world’s largest providers of show and touring equipment, delivering a fully integrated experience to its entertainment clients. Said recently-named Executive Vice President of International Business Development, François Leroux, who heads up the Las Vegas operation of Solotech USA:“I realized as soon as I joined the company that although Solotech has an immense depth of experience and a high quality offering to the touring business, we needed to grow our international offering to gain market share.”

The Audio Analysts professionals and equipment will relocate to Las Vegas as part of the Solotech Group. “This move will bring together under one roof the very best in audio in addition to video and lighting technologies and expertise”, said Leroux.

Audio Analysts President Bert Paré said that clients have increasingly been asking for a more complete offering than his company has been able to supply. “Of course they demand state-of-the-art sound, but a top quality one-stop shop to meet all their needs holds a definite appeal,” he said. “With what Solotech has to offer, and the special relationship we have enjoyed with them for 35 years, it’s a perfect match.”

With this acquisition and consolidation in Las Vegas, Solotech is now ideally positioned to cater for touring clients throughout the United States, while continuing to serve the southwestern and Las Vegas entertainment and conventions markets.

Previously Vice President, Creative Entertainment at Disneyland Paris and Disney World in Florida, Leroux said his biggest challenge as a client was managing a variety of specialist suppliers for any given event. “What drew me to Solotech was their capacity for integrating all of the required technologies and support services,” he said. “They do this all over the world for top name entertainers, so being able to deliver this comprehensive offering to clients was a real appeal for me.”

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