Artel Video Systems at IBC2015

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Artel Video Systems DigiLink Media Transport Platform

New IP Capabilities in the DigiLink Media Transport Platform

At IBC2015, new IP capabilities will be available in DigiLink’s HD-SDI over IP gateway with in-band management and Gig-E transport. This module utilizes SMPTE 2022-5/6 for reliable transport of uncompressed HD-SDI over managed Ethernet IP networks.

New Dual-Port L-Band Demodulator

At IBC2015, Artel will introduce DigiLink’s new dual-port L-Band demodulator. Capable of receiving up to two L-Band signals and converting them to DVB-ASI for transport, this module also supports ETSI TS 103 129 Carrier ID monitoring.

Both modules may be combined with other transport capabilities in existing DigiLink chassis to provide a single, fully integrated solution.

Fiberlink® Six-Channel HD/SDI/ASI Multiplexer
At IBC2015, Artel will introduce the Fiberlink® six-channel HD/SDI/ASI multiplexer. This TX/RX pair of 1-RU chassis aggregates up to six asynchronous HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and DVB-ASI video feeds into a single wavelength for transport across fiber or managed optical networks, and requires no configuration.

Artel Product Integration
Artel provides one of the largest portfolios of video, audio, and data solutions from low-cost, easy-to-deploy throw downs for remote deployments to multifunctional platforms ideal for operating environments where active management of signal routing is critical.

At IBC2015, Artel will demonstrate the integration of and interoperability between the DigiLink media transport platform and newly acquired Fiberlink®, Copperlink™, and Scan Do® product lines.

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