5 Tips For Getting Your Church Live Stream Lighting Right

In Install News, Lighting, Lighting Install News, Streaming, Streaming Install News, Video/Broadcast, Video/Broadcast Install Newsby Kristine Lutero

When the COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary halt on public worship, churches of all sizes had to quickly take their services online. This threw up a number of challenges for tech teams, including the need to switch their lighting focus from making a service look good for the congregation in the building to ensuring that it looked good on camera for an online audience. While the rapid transition to streaming involved a steep learning curve, many churches found it to be an unexpected blessing. They realized that their streaming services were able to connect with a wider audience than would normally attend in person. This means that, even as social distancing starts to be relaxed and physical meetings can resume, streamed services are set to become a much bigger part of the church landscape for the long term. Here are five tips for making your services look as good as possible online:

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