5 Minutes with… Susumu Hotta President, FOR-A Corp. of America

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TFWM: What current message are you delivering to the HOW market about FOR-A this year?

Susumu Hotta: The high reliability of our products and excellent customer service support are critical qualities for House of Worship facilities, especially those that are operated largely by volunteer personnel.

FOR-A is offering a larger range of cost-effective products for the worship facilities market than ever before. For most facilities, the implementation of HDTV is normally a transition rather than a complete switch-over to new technology. This is why FOR-A digital video switchers and multiviewers are so valuable to our customers. Inevitably, analog input signals must be mixed with digital signals. Standard definition sources may be upconverted to match the facility’s designated high definition standard. Our products facilitate the transition to the desired high resolution performance by combining a variety of signal types for HD production.

TFWM: What leading FOR-A products might the HOW market benefit knowing about?

SH: Our new line of multiviewers, for example, can automatically mix analog composite, standard definition digital and high definition digital signals. The inputs are “auto-detect” providing “plug and play” capability. The design eliminates the need to convert signals that vary in frame rate and resolution and 4 to 16 input signals can be displayed simultaneously on one low cost LCD flat panel.

For the past three years we have offered HD digital switchers that can mix analog and digital as well as SD and HD signals. We currently have three switchers with up to 12 inputs that can even accept non-synchronous signals.

TFWM: Regarding your install at Yorba Linda Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA, what was it about your switcher that fit so well into their budgetary situation?

SH: Yorba Linda Friends Church needed an immediate replacement for an aging video switcher in their sanctuary. However, they did not have the budget to replace their standard definition cameras. They wanted their new switcher to be HD capable, knowing that they would buy high definition cameras within a few years. They selected our HVS-3800S 16 input SDI switcher which is software upgradable to HD at any time.

TFWM: What can the HOW market look forward to seeing from FOR-A during 2009?

SH: The new HVS-300HS is the most advanced switcher that this market has seen, as well as being one of the least expensive HD switchers ever. It has frame sync and upconversion capabilities on every input and a built-in 16 input multiviewer. The 1 RU chassis can contain control buttons or can be shipped with a blank front panel along with a remote operation unit.

Alternatively, the switcher can be controlled via computer interface. This combination of flexibility and cost-effectiveness is what the HOW market has demanded and we are ready to deliver this excellent new production switcher.