5 Minutes with… Steve Gilbard, President, Coolux International

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TFWM: Are you finding that in the last 5 years more churches are using Media Server and Media Manager products?

Steve Gilbard: Absolutely. The ability to realize the vision of using video to be both the vehicle for transmitting information and creating elaborate visual scenes and backgrounds is a very powerful tool. The ability to store and recall thousands of files as well as alter the physical set-up on the fly makes it conform to almost any use.

TFWM: What features of your Pandora’s Box Version 4.0 would be of specific interest to churches?

SG: The Coolux Pandora’s Box Systems’ ability to work with complex geometries, and almost any screen shape as well as the scalable architecture make it a very powerful tool as the needs and designs change for the user in real life situations. The totally scalable nature of the system makes for a cost effective system that can grow or be changed as needed. Being able to map media onto any 2D or 3D shape allows the operator and designer to deliver their vision on any surface, from very simple to the most unique and complex.

TFWM: What is the most creative use of your products that you know of in a worship setting?

SG: We have seen combinations of LED and projection that seamlessly combine to make very large spaces behind the pulpit a fabulous panorama of video, messaging and graphics. We have seen a project where the windows behind the pulpit that had been problematic were covered and then reproduced so that not only could the space be transformed into almost any scene or locale, but even reproduce the grandeur of stained glass or landscapes outside of “windows” that do not exist.

TFWM: What’s next for Coolux? Any initiatives directed at the worship market?

SG: We are working on several products that will help fill out the product line, to compliment the 4 distinct families of products we now offer. Several of these will be geared toward more creative applications of our technology while maintaining a clear feature and cost benefit to the user and help to make the messaging and creativity work on a campus wide basis, from very small to extremely large. While we have always supported HD output, our new HD-SDI cards will bring HD features to live inputs and a host of other interesting options this year.