5 Minutes with… Richard (Rocco) Johnson, President, HSA Rolltop, Inc.

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TFWM: Can you tell us a bit about the history of your company?

RJ: The company has spanned nearly 38 years of operations in several areas of design, manufacturing and service. We originally began by manufacturing preamps and speaker systems for the MI, home and sound reinforcement markets. Later, our involvement in consultation, design and installation of systems in the House of Worship field led our manufacturing end into the design of specialty enclosures, racks and our now famous Rolltop Desks. Since the early 90’s our company’s entire focus has been on the development and manufacture of our unique Rolltop Desks, Racks and Presentation Furniture.

TFWM: What types of “green” initiatives have you factored into your manufacturing process?

RJ: We’ve been “green” all along and didn’t say much about it. We just thought it was the right way and better way to do things. We were one of the first companies in our state to use water-based wood stains and clear coats rather than solvents way back in the early 90’s. We continually innovate to reduce waste in designs and processes (our wood chips have been used by friends for horse bedding!). Our specially made hardwood plywood and face veneers are sustainably grown in North America and meet stringent California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements.

Our practical, common-sense way has always led to being environmentally responsible.

TFWM: Are you making products to now accommodate video, lighting and audio rigs in the same cabinet?

RJ: Really always have! But in reecent years we’ve added more modular designs to “build out” larger rolltop desk work centers for folks using computers for projection/presentation, plus their audio mixers, lighting control and video production equipment.

Sometimes one operator may be handling a mix of these things or there could be several people. This year we completed a transition which enabled us to more easily blend desk and rack components into a unified cabinet system. Additionally, we’ve introduced lecterns and other “presentation specific” designs and options.

TFWM: Do you also do custom orders for furniture?

RJ: We are continually adding to our “standard design” desk, rack, lectern and options line to give dealers and customers more and more choices. But, one of the things we are well-known for in the architectural and consulting communities is our ability to design, develop and manufacture very unique custom solutions when nothing else will work. It’s a substantial part of what we do and sets us apart.

TFWM: What new things do you have planned for the future?

RJ: In the very near future we’ll be introducing optional wood species with standard pricing to meet new aesthetic considerations and heavyduty high pressure laminate surfaces for those environments and situation that are, well… “less than nice” to most other furniture. New options are coming for several products and we’ll show these at the InfoComm Expo this June. Several new rolltop desk designs are in development that have unique properties. Look for these later in 2010!