5 Minutes with… Patricia Basileo Vice President and General Manager, AMERICAN HARLEQUIN

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TFWM: How have you maintained your reputation as one of the top manufacturers of high performance flooring for over two decades?

Patricia Basileo: We listen! When Harlequin introduces a new product, it’s based upon years of research and development. Not all of this research takes place in a lab. We have trusted colleagues all over the world who tell us a) what product they would like to have; b) how it should feel and sound; and c) who will be using the product. This enables us to develop our specialty floors such as Studio “B”, which is the result of a collaboration with modern dance companies.

TFWM: How does your approach to the House of Worship market differ from the usual markets you target, including dance studios, etc.?

Basileo: Depending upon the size and scope of the HOW, portability may be a concern. Also, in historical churches, products like dance floors cannot damage the sub floor – one of the reasons Harlequin created the Liberty Clip™ Dance Floor Panel System. This product provides any HOW with portable and self contained flooring – no power tools, screws or nails to mar the surface below.

TFWM: Of the products that you manufacture, what product should every HOW have and why?

Basileo: Every HOW should have, at minimum, a vinyl roll-out floor to protect performers from slipping on a hard, glossy surface such as marble or ceramic tile. If there is a need for a “sprung floor” (a raised surface which provides cushioning for the performers), then Harlequin’s Liberty Clip Dance Floor Panel System is the ultimate in efficiency and portability. Liberty Clip installs quickly with a simple-to-use manual tool and requires virtually no effort!

TFWM: What are the qualities of your products that benefit worship facilities?

Basileo: Harlequin’s vinyl floors are soft to the touch and roll out flat. Some of our touring floors, like Reversible, will roll out flat even after having been stored in cold storage rooms for months! They can be installed (rolled out and taped) quickly and easily with minimal personnel resources. When not in use, the vinyl rolls can be hung from the ceiling with PVC pipe and “s” hooks to free up floor space.

TFWM: If you could tell the HOW market one thing about Harlequin, what would it be?

Basileo: Many HOWs have already heard about our legendary customer service. We determine, through a consultative sales process, exactly which floor is perfect for your needs. All of our products are housed in our New Jersey warehouse and are ready for immediate shipment – no delays, no broken promises. Our vinyl floors come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event that your floor should develop problems, we will troubleshoot the situation for you, and if necessary, come out to do an on-site inspection. We do not forget about our customers after a sale. Our philosophy is that a happy customer is a customer forever!