5 Minutes with… Ludovic Mellot, Vice President – Sales North America, Analog Way

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TFWM: What best defines and differentiates your seamless switchers from others in the market?

Ludovic Mellot: For years Analog Way has been recognized for developing quality products, meeting the best price / performance / modularity ratio.

Since we program our own ASICS, we deliver an unprecedented high definition processing quality, and our latency (processing delay) is one of the shortest in the market, making live and IMAG projection truly remarkable.
Another important differentiator is the user-friendliness of our products. The design team constantly keeps in mind that anybody has to be able to enjoy the powerful features of our products, regardless of their level of expertise.

Although Analog Way focuses on innovation, we do our product design with very specific features adapted to the market. We are the first company responsible for launching an all in one cost effective and easy solution to do a 2 screen Edge Blend. We are also proud of being the first company to introduce a seamless matrix switcher. This type of switcher has become very useful for a typical church application with left and right screens.

TFWM: Are your products only for larger churches?

LM: Our products do not only apply to large churches, we have an impressive array of equipment that can suit any organization no matter their size, budget or requirement needs. We always design our product ranges accordingly.
A house of worship, regardless of its size, will have a wide choice of AW products to select from according to their needs and how they want to present the message to their audience. From single screen, basic but professional solutions to multi-screen experience and soft edge blending applications, we have the answer.

The number and type of sources used, the visual effects to be achieved, the type, number and size of the display device(s), the budget, will help us to determine the perfect solution for the application, and the HOW will have the confidence that it was customized to their needs.

TFWM: Do you offer training and resources for churches about concepts like edge-blending?

LM: The Analog Way team works very closely with its system integrators and their customer base and we do not hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure that an installation goes smoothly and seamlessly! Sales Reps and Sales Managers throughout the territory are always willing to train and educate their customers on new technologies and concepts like seamless-switching or edge-blending, two of the domains where Analog Way is excelling.

At Infocomm 08 we decided to launch a one hour class on the basics of Soft Edge Blending. This class has been recognized by Infocomm International Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) Credential Committee and it is now part of their renewal unit program.

In 2009, Analog Way will bring to the United States a training program called Analog Days. This class session combines theoretical and practical techniques which allow the attendees to gain all the necessary knowledge and experience to create a perfect Soft Edge Blending installation in such locations as churches.

TFWM: Can you tell us a little about some of your recent installations, such as Pathway Church in Mobile, AL?

LM: Among the recent installations performed with Analog Way’s solutions, Pathway Ministries recently upgraded its system with Analog Way’s Di-VentiX in order to move into cutting-edge technology. The church, counting about 1000 attendants wanted to use Soft Edge Blending technology to support its message and enhance its service. The installation, managed by WesNet Inc. was challenging since it was the first time that they were doing Edge Blending.

However since our products are user friendly everything went smoothly.
Three Di-VentiX with the remote controller Axion were installed for the Soft Edge Blending, as well as Two Octo Fade II to feed monitors on stage and in the background area. Thanks to the integration of the Analog Way devices, the church can do a backdrop with a screen as wide as the stage (rear stage 35’) playing music, moving backgrounds along with lyrics and other contents, and any monitor can display any source they choose. This is a good example of what can be achieved with the solutions developed by Analog Way, even for churches with a lack of familiarity with Edge Blending concept and technology.