5 minutes with… JAMES BOWER, President & CEO, 3DH Communications, Inc.

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TFWM: Use of 3D viewing has been around for the last few years. Would you say that 3DH is the next generation of 3D?

James Bower: Yes, we firmly believe that 3DH technology is the next generation of 3D. In our monthly technical research, we see others reaching for and attempting what we have already accomplished. Our primary asset is intellectual property that defines the process or recipe on how to create comfortable 3D. It is not tied to hardware or software but can evolve smoothly and be integrated easily. We have two primary technologies: 3D HoloProjection which is the recipe for comfortable and compelling 3D, and our rendering engines which process very large amounts of data for visualization in real or near real time on the pc platform.

HoloProjection is our core asset which is intellectual property and not a device or single piece of hardware, we are able to manage 3D media from capture/acquisition through processing and distribution to the display of the end user. Traditional 3D companies have only focused on primarily the display and have spent a little time on acquisition/capture, but almost no time on processing or distribution. Our approach allows us to focus on all of these areas allowing for a much smoother and more efficient pipeline of content creation, management, broadcasting, and display.

VoxelPro is our volumetric rendering engine that is used primarily for medical, geophysical, and weather data, but has also been used to create content for education and entertainment. ArchPro is our surface based rendering engine used primarily for architecture, design, and gaming. Based on our successes with these two endeavors, we have begun creating Ra which stands for rendering accelerator. It is aimed at the movie and entertainment industries and early performance testing is encouraging. What traditional rendering engines take four hours per frame to render, we can render very quickly at movie resolution. Ra is being used for both 2D and 3D film work. As one of the largest single costs of any CGI movie is rendering, this will clearly bring the cost and time of rendering down significantly.

TFWM: In what applications is your technology being used now?

JB:It is being used in education in the areas of the medical, design, and video disciplines. It is also being used to create two full-length motion pictures, a children’s Bible series, and in museums, science centers, and amusement parks. It has also been used to record and show an NCAA ASC football game.

TFWM: How does 3D Holo Projections create a personal experience for the viewer?

JB:In a 2D viewing experience, the viewer has to consciously subscribe to the imagery on screen. They have to convince themselves and be willing to participate as a passive third party viewer with the imagery. With HoloProjection, there is no conscious decision required to participate with the imagery. The realism, quality, and 3D characteristics are so compelling, it is both natural and fluid for audience members to feel as though the imagery is part of their experience. What the viewer experiences is very similar to what a viewer would experience if the imagery were real.

Evidence of HoloProjection as a profound learning tool is evidenced in the little research we have done in education. Our National Science Foundation grant study results showed a significant improvement over traditional forms of training. For example, the lowest score in the control group of this study was a 45% where as the lowest score in the experimental group was a 92%. That is an increase of over 213%. The learners experience the imagery visually and actively and as the imagery appears to encroach on their personal space, they have an emotional experience coupled with what they are learning. As Einstein stated, this is required for long term comprehension and retention. The bottom line is that we believe that the gospel will be taught & understood much faster through the 3DH technology than any other communication tool in existence.

TFWM: How can Houses of Worship benefit from incorporating 3DH?

JB:Houses of Worship will have a cutting edge tool which will attract both children and adults throughout the community. The 3DH platform displays exciting stories about the Bible for youth as well as landscape scenes from the Holy Land which brings Biblical understanding to a whole new level. The platform also enables HoloConferencing, the ability for pastors & service content to be HoloProjected to other locations in real-time. This brings definition to simultaneous worship beyond what has been experienced before. The 3DH capability will engage the audience and give more reasons for the community to hear the Gospel.